Another day… another bailout… can bankruptcy be far behind?

Clearly, we are in a downward spiral economically. And while statistically we are no where near the levels of unemployment of the Great Depression or the astronomical level of interest rates that Americans experienced under Carter; nevertheless, we are in serious trouble. Not because the real economy is collapsing, but rather because our government led by Obama, Pelosi and Reid are talking the economy into a death spiral. Why? Because as we all know they want to spend money on pet projects and they are using this so-called crisis as a cloak to hide their true intentions. Of course, that is not widely reported in the media as it doesn’t fit the political leanings of most Reporter types. Eventually, if everyone continues to talk in terms of depression, grim job prospsects, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. And while I think we need the truth about the economy, the problem is that we are not getting the truth. The Stimulus bill will not accomplish its intended goals. Instead, I am concerned that the primary outcome is to heap uon my children debt bomb beyond our comprehension. Even today, we are being misled about the actual Federal debt. For the uninformed… the real debt of the Federal government is approaching 55 trillion when you consider the Social Security IOU. What are we going to do I ask? Mathematically it is impossible to pay off these mounting debt bombs without destroying the American standard of living. It simply blows my mind that people would rather heap monstrous debt on their children rather than suck it up and deal head-on with economic downturn. My opinion may sound silly or foolish, but I believe Obama, Pelosi and Reid are going to bankrupt the United States.

Sadly I sit back and observe those around me and it is clear most American’s believe that our capitlistic system is a “zero sum” game. If I win, they lose. That is… if I acquire wealth, then I must have stolen it somehow from someone else. For the record, I challenge anyone to prove our capitalistic economy is a “zero sum” game. In reality our economy is an additive game. If you win, I win… we all win. Prove me wrong… I dare anyone who reads this blog to prove that our economy is a “zero sum” game… requiring winners and losers. If we are a “zero sum” economy, winners would steal from losers to acquire wealth. PLEASE!!! This is a total falsehood. Again… I cast out into the ethernet the challenge to prove “zero sum”

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