Jobs are sorta like “Lucky Charms”….

If I take Obama at face value jobs are like finding “lucky charms”. Jobs are “magically delicious” and they just appear out of nowhere… in fact the government can mandate JOBS!… Hell if we are mandating things, I want to mandate that I am a “Rockstar”… you know… like Nickelback’s song. I want to be a rockstar driving 15 cars, hilltop house… bleached blonde bimbos and drug dealers on speed dial. Why NOT? I have needs!!! I really don’t want to work. I just want to have fun… surely some rich fat cat can spare a few dollars to pay for play. And while all those fat cats are paying for my playtime, I also need healthcare too. No problem right… some nebulous fat cat will pay for it… beside I don’t even know a rich fat cat. So I don’t care if they bust their ass and Obama confiscates their wealth… I too deserve a fat cat lifestyle. Plus, those fat cats stole money from me… if they hadn’t made all that money, I would have gotten part of it. I am not exactly sure how I would have gotten the money they stole from me, but those are the mysteries of economics for which the laws no longer apply in the United States. Nope… in the United States if you want something, it just magically appears. No longer do I have to work long hours and save money to get what I want… NOPE, the laws of economics have been repealed by our Savior Obama. Thank God for Obama, I am exhausted from building a company that employs 10 people and pays taxes, FICA, FEACAL and all those other crazy government FEES. NOPE, those days are gone. Nowadays, everything is a lucky charm and it magically appears whenever I want it… afterall, I am a good guy. I deserve stuff… I earned stuff simply by being born in the United States. YEP, just being born now entitles me to a lifestyle that my parents couldn’t even dream of… FINALLY, the law of economics have been repealed. And the added benefits of the repeal is that I no longer have to be responsible for anything… no longer will I have to experience adversity in my life. WOW… can you say LUCKY CHARMS

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