Exactly who are these so-called “rich” people

Over and over and over I hear the dim-wits in the news and every Democrat politician saying the “rich” have not paid their fair share, so now it’s their turn to pay more taxes. The so-called undefined middle-class, have not gotten a fair shake according to the hype.

Can anyone out there tell me who these two groups represent? Exactly who are these people? It is easy to say the “rich” have not paid their fair share, but simply saying it, doesn’t make it so. There are countless statistics that show the rich pay most of the taxes in this country… but even that seems distorted to me.

No matter how much money you make each year, all of us pay sales taxes, fees for almost everything… parking, license plates, drivers licenses, surcharges on our phone bills, FCC charges, 911 charges, hearing impaired, state taxes, gasoline taxes, tolls on highways, property taxes, use taxes on purchase of cars, FICA, medicare, utility taxes on electricity, natural gas, water, sewer, trash… and the list goes on and on and on… on top of that you have federal taxes. So… from my vantage point, everyone is being taxed and surcharged to death… To me whether I am rich or poor, I am still suffering from government abuse and taxation without representation. Further, from my vantage point, it is starting look like if you have a JOB… you are in the ranks of the “rich”… if you don’t have a job, then you are now considered middle class. If my assessment is right, and I am pretty sure it is or wouldn’t have written this, we are all going to get a big tax increase. Why? Because when you examine the situation you quickly conclude anyone who has a job and who is saving for retirement is “rich”… maybe not in terms that normal reasonable people think of when they think of “rich”… but from the vantage point of our GOVERNMENT and our nit-wit politicians including our President, we are indeed “rich”. Because if you have a job and you are saving for retirement… somewhere in the economy, you are sampling the fruits of your labor… you have money invested in the economy and your job has economic fruits. So as I see it, UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU!!! YOU ARE RICH!!! I certainly don’t feel rich and have never considered myself rich, but I guess I need to start thinking differently… and I better get busy finding another job to supplement my income. Someone out there without a job needs my income to support themselves… never mind I may also need my income too.

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