Oh joy more good stuff from our Savior…

According to our Saviour, 50% of our population doesn’t even have a high school diploma… oh really! Okay fine, even if they have a high school diploma the average American is barely literate. So anyway… our Savior wants to throw more money at education because we are all so dumb. And the jobs of the future require intellectual capital rather than strength and hard work. So to force people to learn, we need to throw money at the situation. Money solves all problems in the United States. Similar to his repeal of the laws of economics, Obama now has waived his magic wand and now everyone will go to school with the goal of learning everything they can… Why? Because more money solves the problem. More money means teachers get more money. And if teachers get more money, then naturally they will be able to entice students to learn. I am not sure how paying teachers more money will suddenly cause unmotivated disinterested students to want to learn, but that’s a minor detail. The mere fact that teachers get paid more means teachers will somehow change 40 years of declining interest by our citizenry in education. Hmmmm… are you asking yourself the same question I am? If so, then you probably are not part of those 50% of the American citizenry who do not have a high school education… BUT, you might be a teacher. Need I say more?

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