I hate to keep harping… but Obama’s rhetoric doesn’t match his actions…

I listen to Obama and he is saying the right things, but any sane person who understands Obama’s/Pelosi/Reid’s policies knows these policies WILL NOT accomplish the rhetoric. You simply can’t spend TRILLIONS we don’t have and pretend this is somehow going to solve all our problems. His rhetoric and policies are mutually exclusive…debt and increased taxes will not lead to properity. It’s failed everytime it’s tried. Carter was our last example of this naive approach to economic growth.

Folks, when Obama says reinvestment he really means redistribution… so his words also do not match what normal Americans consider as the proper definition. So while Obama says the right things, he is doing 180 degree opposite. And so we out here trying to make a living, have no idea what to believe. Never before have we had such a total disconnect between words and deeds. And no one challenges the guy. I have no idea where we are going with all these Obama/Pelosi/Reid policies, but even us hillbillies living in our trailer parks understand when we are being led a line of pure bullshit. No fancy pants philly lawyer is going to talk over my head with big words and acronyms and expect to fool me. So y’all better wake up, because we are being led a line of bullshit. And as we all know shit flows downhill. I hope you are not at the bottom…

2 thoughts on “I hate to keep harping… but Obama’s rhetoric doesn’t match his actions…

  1. So- if i get this right – its okay in your mind to spend trillions in Iraq and Afganistan, fuelling war and hatred, but not okay to spend a similar amount on schools, infrastucture, greening the economy, housing, America’s huge and seemingly insurrmountable domestic problems? Is taht what youre saying? Spending on war and miltarism is financially responsible – spending on American people is irresponsible?


    • Anthony I am not exactly sure where to start in my response. I am not suggesting we spend trillions on war, so you sorta added your own thoughts as to my vantage point… which is typical. My overarching issue is that we already spend trillions on welfare programs, education, infrastructure, healthcare, pork and more pork; yet we are told it still isn’t enough. At some point one becomes suspicious of this never ending plea for more and more money for schools, greening, housing blah blah blah.

      The real motive behind governments demands for taxes is for the power it gives politicians. By allowing politicians to confiscate the Country’s wealth, it gives these same politicians control or power over how the money is spent. The money is used like heroin to create a depency class of Americans who once addicted to government welfare, become addicted or reliant on the money requiring these addicts to continue to vote for those same politicians who promises them heroin money. And at some at some point a person forgets how to rely on oneself. That my friend is the problem with far too many Americans. It seems to me the new mantra is: “Ask not what you can do for your Country, but what your Country can do for you” The only way to reverse this absurd trend is to starve the Government of money… there is simply no alternative. Besides, there is plenty of money to go around to solve whatever problems are claimed to exist.

      So I would freeze government spending at current levels, and focus people on personal responsibility. The wars have nothing to do with this… we have yet to spend an entire trillion in the Iraq/Afgan war… yet 60 seconds after Obama was sworn in he had already earmarked a trillion for all kinds of new programs.

      I have no idea what Obama is thinking as he plunges America into a debt abyss. We will never be able to pay back this debt as WE AINT GOT THE MONEY!!!… war or no war… it aint there and it aint gonna be there. I know facts are hard to swallow for most Americans, but we aint got the money to spend on every feel good program one can dream up. We have to stop the insanity in Washington. Enough said…

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