Ladies and Gentlemen this is serious business. We are in the midst of a social revolution that if allowed to fulfill its desired goal will forever change the landscape of the United States. And the new landscape will reward mediocrity, will burden our children, our children’s children with nuclear debt bomb under which their standard of living will deteriorate to levels that possibly our grandparents or great grandparents endured… being a 50 year old, this is not what I dreamed for my children. I had every expectation that they would inherit a new higher standard of living thus fulfilling the American dream. The dream is to pass along to your children the potential to achieve nearly anything their god given talents will permit. Their only limitaiton being their ambition and desire to achieve great things in their lives. But sadly, if the policies of a Congress that epitomizes the egotistical out-of-touch career politicians our founding fathers would abhor. Congress has utterly and egregiously abandoned those who elected them in favor of determining what’s best for us peasant citizens. Obama is dillusional… his usage of words distorts the dictionary. Increases in spending are called investments despite the spending being for social programs. And these same increases can also be called cuts based on baseline budgeting. Words have at least two meanings depending on the point being made. And at times, the words are just plain inappropriately being used. To me it is mind boggling how Obama can say things that on the surface appear to be bald ass lies, but upon critical review and not only lies, but distortions with the intent to mislead. While GW Bush had his issues with mangling the English language, Obama creates totally new meanings for words generally accepted as having a specific meaning. I am appalled at Obama’s professorial elistist condescencion. He is not an average American and he cannot relate to an avearge American. So we in some ways have a monarchy given that lack of connection between our leaders and we citizens.

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