How would you compare our founders to our current crop of “flounders”?

I have been pondering many things this past year, not the least is the quality of our candidates for President and Congress. I look at our elected officials and I see people who are frankly weird… and I cannot figure out how in the hell they continue to be elected. And then I think about our forefathers… the Jeffersons, the Washingtons, the Adams, the Franklins… and the list goes on and on. These people were not simply leaders, they were in many cases scholars. These people had studied the works of Plato and Socrates… and thought critically about religion, the human spirit and government structure. The founders were brilliant men without question. And even today, one looks back at the lives of these men and are in awe. But despite my best efforts, I simply cannot find the brilliance and sophistication in our current crop of “flouders”… Seriously? I ask this question with all sincerity, I simply am not impressed by any of our elected leaders particular the top three leaders… Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

I will say I believe Obama is brilliant and thoughtful, but he does not understand what our founders understood. He believes government is the answer to all things, and our founders knew government was the source of all problems. They wrote the Constitution to limit the power of government… they new power corrupted. And sure enough, we see this today in Congress.

But let’s get back to our elected leaders… their pedigree of experience, education, scholarly studies, their understanding of micro and macro economics. I think one would have to say our current leaders are simply mediocre at best. Most are lawyers or professional politicians. While they try their best to look sophisticated and learned by ridiculing industry leaders like the auto industry, or scolding baseball players about steroids, or countless silly inquiries into Bush/Cheney shenanigans. I just simply have no respect for these people. You just look at them and see how they handle themselves in public and it is awkward and embarrassing. Nancy Pelosi makes me uneasy when I watch her… she has strange mannerisms that seem unnatural. And I have never heard her make a comment that I would consider profound. Then there’s Harry Reid… the guy is slight of build, quiet, and a bit of a mumbler. He wouldn’t stand out at a deaf mute convention. The guy is weak… he is not someone I can look up to… he inspires no one… SERIOUSLY! Does Harry Reid inspire anyone? Does Nancy Pelosi inspire anyone? I mean this with all seriousness and candor do these people inspire us. How about Barney Frank… does he inspire? Chris Dodd? NO WAY!!! If they are anything these people are embarrassments.

Now let’s examine Obama the real Obama. I thought he was a great speaker during the campaign… that’s all we heard from the Press. But I am beginning to think he can only speak well when he has a teleprompter in front of him. Even the biased so-called Press, have commented on the teleprompter stuff. So here I go again… a fake and someone who slowly is becoming uninspiring. I don’t even want to waste space on McCain… let’s just say he was lame.

So I ask you… do you believe if George Washington were living today he would need a teleprompter. Do we think Thomas Jefferson would propose policies that would grow the size of government by two-fold. Do we believe Ben Franklin would spend trillions in the name of “stimulus”. Ladies and Gentlemen our better days are behind us unless we attract modern day Washingtons, Jeffersons, Madisons, Adams, Franklins… These men had substance… our current leaders have symbolism. Our forefathers were “founders” our current leaders are “flounders”… at best.

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