Don’t mess with Texas…

As a former Texan exiled in the heartland of political corruption i.e. Chicago, I applaud Governor Rick Perry’s suggestion that Texas may succeed from the Union. Texan’s have always been proud of their State and their heritage. And they, like many Americans are fed up with Washington and our nit-wit politicians ruining our Country with “feel good” bumper sticker leadership.

Every year each residents of each State send billions of tax dollars to Washington DC only to have it wasted with crazy pork project and failed welfare state social programs. And despite each State being forced to send billions to Washington, the States have little control over the actual expenditure of money. Money flows back to the State’s based on Washington’s preferences. To further insult each citizen and each State, Washington creates programs that must be funded by the States, yet Washington provides no funding. So to recap, Washington forces all of us to send it money. The government decides how to spend your money and at the same time develops various social programs, road projects, laws etc. without providing the means to pay for these programs. So the Feds take our money and give us unfunded mandates.

Given Washington’s comical leadership, is it no wonder why some might symbolically suggest they might succeed from the Union. Texan’s have always been a hearty breed of folks, and it is no surprise a Texas governor might suggest succession, but in time it wouldn’t surprise me to hear other States suggest similar.

To my way of thinking if Washington is not going to listen to US… then we need to fight back in whatever way we can. While I would like to think the ballot box is the answer, after this last election I no longer feel the citizenry of this Country have the ability to wisely choose its leaders. Maybe Governor Perry has come up with a solution to our Washington dilemma.

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