The Great Polarizer!!!!


Let’s face it, Obama is not who he said he was… he has never been nor will he ever be the “great uniter”… instead he is the “omnipotent polarizer”. He has created more polarization in this Country than any single person I can recall in my 50 years in this Country. And Obama has done all this in 100 days. Bush took years, and I know a lot of people hated the guy… fine! Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I accept that people hated Bush. I would not even be so bold as to pretend Bush brought us together as a Country which was his mantra when running for office. But for at least a couple years, we were a united Country. Sure much of the uniting revolved around 911, but most normal American’s rallied around our Commander and supported his goals. Even Congress’ most dim-wit Democrats went along with his goals, and supported his efforts to oust Saddam Hussein. But at some point along the way the popularity of the war faded and people turned against Bush. So be it…

But Obama is alienating people on all sides every single day… the guy just can’t help himself. I have been studying this phenomenom to see if Obama is simply the anti-American… in other words everything we have valued as American is now to be tossed aside in favor of a clean slate… or a new vision of our future. This might be a very good strategy for all I know… and I hope that this is indeed strategic rather than simply a series of incredible blunders, gaffe’s and just plain stupidity. I fear that latter is indeed the situation, i.e. Obama is floudering around looking for answers to complex issues, and pretending that his total lack of forward momentum is strategic rather than blunders.

I just can’t fathom how all these stupid iniatives, blunders, gaffes, insane policies, failed policies, political correctness can possibly be strategic and calculated. I just look at this 100 day mess, and as a casual observer see anarchy in the Obama administration. There are daily flip flops, no core values, no uniquely American values, nothing to inspire… just empty rhetoric and bumper sticker platitudes.

Folks, change is not always good, and I think by and large, Obama will be the modern day Jimmy Carter. History tends to repeat itself. With this in mind, I suspect some international event will show Obama to be the weak President he truly is, and again America will be ashamed and embarrassed as we were in the pathetic days of President Carter. America will be shown to be unwilling to “pay any price for freedom” as John Kennedy espoused in 1962. And just like with Carter, another Reaganesque type person will emerge, and again the silly empty rhetoric of liberalism will be tossed aside in favor of principles and core values. And again we will all fly our flags with pride. I pray I am right for if I am wrong, God help us all.

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