Is it just me? But don’t you feel we now have the dumbest bunch of leaders running this Country in the last 50 years!!!

What the hell is going on? Everyday someone at the highest levels of our Federal and State (Illinois) government say or do something STUPID.

Let’s face it the top 5 people running this country are utterly talking out of both sides of their mouths and seemingly never speak to each other. From daily teleprompter gaffes, flip flops, and absurdly ridiculous and simple solutions to complex national and world issues I have developed a serious neck injury from “shaking my head” at this dumbness.

How dare the major media and lefty loons mock and scoff at George Bush’s mangling of the English language. Who cares if Bush didn’t use the right word or didn’t sometimes make sense… at least the guy was consistent and everyone around him marched lock-step

With Obama its like no one is in charge nor does anyone know what the fuck they are doing. I use to enjoy the Bush gaffes, but I never felt they were endangering our entire country. But based on the first 100 days of Obamadom, Bush has shown to be an utter genius in leadership and policy by comparison. I just don’t get it!!!

This goes to show, even the slickest teleprompter types are not always the best leaders regardless of how inspiring their teleprompter. Hell, Bush barely used a teleprompter but so far has equaled Obama in communication skills… and that is not saying a whole helluva lot.

As I have written before… not only are we dumbing down our children, but it seems to be following a similar pattern with our politicians. Each election we seem to be getting dumber and dumber people.

Maybe Obama and Biden should be nicknamed “Dumb and Dumber” Reid and Pelosi could be nicknamed “Dumbest and Super Dumbest”. These nicknames while humorous, ironically are accurate depiction of their skills in running the once upon a time, greatest country on Earth.

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