Bruce Springstein… WHO? This guy should sing and never speak his opinions!

Bruce S. has just been added to my ever growing list of total morons. He talks about how greedy Americans are destroying the world, yet no one could possibly deny how many people the United States has freed from the tyranny of brutal dictators. This fact is undeniable… I dare anyone to deny America is not a source for good in the world. If you want to get a perspective on just how critical America is to the world, just imagine a world without the United States. Let’s take just a second here and imagine the United States did not exist… I don’t even want to think about it. Without the United States the world would look more like Somalia than what it looks like today.

So we really need these stupid phony singers with no understanding of the world, to shut the fuck up. They add nothing to the global consciousness or discussion… to the contrary they give support to the tyrants and dictators who rule most of the world.

And at the same time Springstein is complaining about the United States, he sits in his mansion. I ask Mr. Moron what he would be doing if he lived in… let’s say China? I think he would be just another drone working to make sure they have food, clothing and shelter. Beyond that Springstein would be nothing more.

But instead of praising the United State’s noble intentons, this dipshit wants to bad mouth the most compassionate country in the world. What exactly should we do that we are not doing… after all dipshit Springfield, we only have so much money to give away to every single country in the world.

So hHey Bruce, drop the mansions and take care of a couple thousand Somalis. You are not materialistic… you don’t mind giving everything you have to help others. BULLSHIT!!! You are the biggest hippocrit… you want to bad mouth the United States based on some utopian logic, but you are not willing to put your money where your stupid mouth is… which is not on your face, but on your ass.

Have a nice day “lousy singer, good songwriter” stupid American.

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