Trump and Perot

Presume for a  moment that Bush and Clinton get the nominations.  So that would shape up to be exactly like 92 candidates.  In ’92 Perot cost Bush the Presidency a second term as he got 19% of the votes which is incredible.  Is Trump the modern day Perot?  Trump and Perot are worth Billions respectively.  Both have qualities that Conservatives like economically and politically in terms of reducing lobbyists ability to buy Congress.  Anyway, while Trump says he won’t run as an independent 3rd party candidate, I would not rule it out.  Look at Perot’s success as a 3rd party… and if Trump is really Perot spelled differently Bush should worry.  This would be history repeated in some odd sense.  Of course look at Jimmy Carter.  Obama reminds me of Carter.  Some have said Obama has a similar economic record i.e. lousy no growth.  So history does repeat itself if you assume the premise.  Will Trump be the spoiler?

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