Isreal against the world

The title is misleading and is misleading purposefully. Today 4/7/14 Israel invaded Gaza seeking out Hamas soldiers with the goal of eliminating Hamas soldiers and their military hardware. And every liberal or uninformed person reading this naturally presumes my title suggests and my opinion is that Israel is acting in a manner contrary to world view of the situation. And this presumption would be correct, but in my opinion this view is horribly wrong and dangerous for the world. Israel is acting precisely in a manner that any sovereign nation would act given the situation on the ground in Gaza. And rather than sympathizing with those killed in this war and blaming Israel, the flip opposite should be occurring. The families of those killed should condemn the true perpetrators of death and rise up against the true cause of their misery… that being Hamas. Hamas is a cowardess terrorist group that hides behind women and children for the sheer purpose of causing their death so as to portray Israel as barbarians. This being said the world media is lapping up this propaganda like a dog lost in the desert. Death is part of war, and at some point in any conflict collateral damage will occur. One cannot fault an opponent for killing innocent people when despite their best efforts to avoid collateral damage their opponent immerses themselves in the midst of their own civilians thus causing the deaths of innocent men, women and children. Sadly, if in war your opponent decides to use a strategy of hiding behind their own citizenry, one must blame those individuals for the deaths of the innocent. It is not reasonable to paint an opponent as a barbarian if they kill civilians if one side decides strategically to intersperse themselves among their own families and loved ones. Instead, the civilians should find ways to sabotage these cowards thus creating the potential that a victor occurs. In all my years I recall countless fracases between Israel and Palestine. Regardless of the events that have led to today’s geographic layout of the area in Gaza and the surrounding area, peace will never be possible unless a victor does not arise from the seemingly ongoing war between the Israelis and Palestine’s Hamas terrorists. And the best possible outcome for the world is for an Israeli victory. Israel is… in my opinion, justified in going into Gaza and any surrounding areas harboring Hamas and with overwhelming force obliterate Hamas and any person supporting Hamas. And if innocent people are killed, Hamas should be held responsible. Israel has allowed Hamas to rain down barrage after barrage of missiles into their Country and have not matched these bombings with equal force. So I say all Americans should support Israel’s move into Gaza and the complete annihilation of Hamas and their supporters. Americans would never put up with constant anarchy of bombs being lobbed into our Country indiscriminately without responding with overwhelming force, therefore we cannot condemn Israel if they choose to annihilate Hamas, rather American’s should be encouragingIsrael as Hamas is nothing more than an extension of the same terrorist group that bombed our Trade Center on 9/1.

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