Offensive TV Commercials

Let me ask you if you consider TV commercials covering the following topics offensive?
  1. You’ve got the shitz
  2. You piss your pants all the time
  3. You have to run to toilet to piss all the time and sometimes when you are hangin out with your gay friends you have to interrupt your badminton tournament to piss, but then it is only a weak piss, so you have to go again later in the match.  Basically you piss inconsistently.
  4. You have dingle berries
  5. You have a burning and itchy anus
  6. You have difficulty taking a shit… i.e. your stool is hard
  7. You have a limp dick
  8. You are farting all the time plus the shitz
  9. you are bloated, plus farts and shitz
  10. You have problems with your prostate being enlarged so go to your doctor so he can stick fingers up your ass to see if it cancer or some other fuckin disgusting problem
  11. I don’t even want to list all the fuckin women bullshit disgusting commercials…
I am fuckin embarrassed to watch the goddam commercials by myself… let alone if there is anyone nearby.   What is going on in this Country?  Is there nothing private, nothing too disgusting to just let it alone!!!!   I can’t think of any disgusting topic that has not been covered… Oh colostomy bags.  We haven’t covered that yet… I am sure there is a designer shit bag that will make me feel better about carrying piss and shit around in a bag attached to my hip pocket. 
And then don’t even mention all the drug commercials where the side effects are worse than the problem being treated… blood shooting out of your eyes, explosive discharges, death, blindness… and do I really need to know this?   Surely, if I go to the doctor the dumbfuck knows explosive discharges are part of the problems with the drug.  My god, if he doesn’t know that why the fuck would he prescribe the drug. 
UPDATE: I just saw a commercial about a woman who smoked and got intestinal cancer and had to wear a colostomy bag.  She describes all the unpleasantness in graphic detail.  Luckily for me the commercial came on right as I sat down for dinner.  Now let it be said that Chuck Tyson feels terrible about the poor woman with cancer.  She was a lovely lady, but do I really need this type of commercial.  Who the fuck doesn’t know smoking will kill your ass.  Making me wanna hurl is not going increase my knowledge of cancer.   Cancer sucks donkey dicks.  End of story.

One thought on “Offensive TV Commercials

  1. Update: Just saw a women advertising a colostomy bag. Shows the bag, talks about side effects and potential issues. Sickening. If that wasn’t enough, I just say a commercial about bent dicks. Yes bent dicks. If your dick is bent you have peronies disease. Now there’s treatment. FUCK ME. I don’t care.

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