Legal System is confusing and unfair…

I am not even sure where to start as there is so much proof of my premise.  But I will list just a few.

1.) Lawsuits take years to get a verdict regardless of whether civil or criminal

2.) Lawsuits are not about fairness, rather they are about rules or legal precedent.  Most people think the law will protect them because their situation is based on fairness…  WRONG.  Rules just like in Monopoly, are what Judges use to determine outcome of case, not fairness

3.) Juries can nullify the law as in the OJ Simpson case or the Robert Blake case.  Of course we all know OJ was guilty… the evidence lacked only a video tape, but all the other evidence fit like a glove, no pun intended.

4.) If you have a legal matter to deal with you NEED a lawyer or the Court will filet your ass.  This is especially true in traffic Court.  I always take a lawyer to everything but a parking ticket.  And I always win.  Is that fair… no, but rules are rules.

5.) Unlike England, in the United States each party pays its own legal bills.  So a plaintiff may not have the resources to fight their case.  So the defendant in a civil case… with deeper pockets wins, and the plaintiff is out their legal fees.  This bassackwards approach causes the aggrieved little guy, to simply forgo his legal rights for lack of money.  In England the losing party pays the winner’s legal fees.  This prevents most  lawsuits from ever going to Court, instead they settle out of Court.

6.) Lawyers charge egregious fees for services.  Their time can’t be of greater value than a primary care doctor’s, but they the marketplace seems to suggest that.  I ask, which is more important?  Hard to say if you are staring down the barrel of an FBI .45 metaphorically.

7.) Juries no longer accept reasonable doubt as a standard for guilt.  It strikes me that only video tape these days is sufficient.  So you could say the juries want a standard that eliminates all doubt… which is not the legal standard.

8.) Lawsuits particularly civil suits last on average 3 years.  Yes 3 years.  And during those 3 years you are raped financially by your lawyer.

9.)  The Supreme Court has become political rather the final arbiter of a legal issue.  Their lifetime appointment especially if appointed young is no longer rational.  I would like to see people get 12 years.  At 12 years there is some new blood with new that presumably would interpret law based on the actual law and not politics.

10.) Tort reform is desperately needed to stem the absurd jury awards.  Tort reform would lower insurance rates for all of us, particularly in healthcare.

Sure I am bitching about the obvious in many cases.  But this is my blog, and legally I have the right to say whatever I want according to the Constitution.  I welcome your observations and feedback

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