Do you really know racism when you see it?

There have been 2 events claimed to be racist during Trump’s term thus far.  First we had the Muslim racist allegations against Trump followed now by illegal immigrant racist allegations.

I couldn’t be more sickened by the utter stupidity of the media.  They are either pretending to be stupid and uneducated or they really are stupid and uneducated.

Racism is not related to religion as in the case of Muslims nor is it related to an illegal activity.

Racism is based on race; in the case of the illegal immigrant there is no connection between their race and their illegal activity.  Their race is purely coincidental.  These illegal aliens could be Swedish and my expectation would be Trump would attempt to stem their flow.  It’s the activity of illegally crossing our borders not the race that is the issue.  But the media is too stupid and uneducated to make this distinction.

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