Legal System is confusing and unfair…

I was a plaintiff in a civil suit recently. It took 5 years to prevail. Now they will get 2 years to pay me. So the final dollars will not be paid for 7 years. Utterly Absurd.

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I am not even sure where to start as there is so much proof of my premise.  But I will list just a few.

1.) Lawsuits take years to get a verdict regardless of whether civil or criminal

2.) Lawsuits are not about fairness, rather they are about rules or legal precedent.  Most people think the law will protect them because their situation is based on fairness…  WRONG.  Rules just like in Monopoly, are what Judges use to determine outcome of case, not fairness

3.) Juries can nullify the law as in the OJ Simpson case or the Robert Blake case.  Of course we all know OJ was guilty… the evidence lacked only a video tape, but all other evidence fit like a glove, no pun intended.

4.) If you have a legal matter to deal with you NEED a lawyer or the Court will filet your ass.  This is especially…

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