Biden is simply an IDIOT!!!

Seems I was prescient when I called Biden an idiot back in 2009. See May 2009 post or read the following:

Chuck Tyson's Texas Tea

First I have no idea why Biden ever ran for President as he is simply dilusional about his experience and judgment. He has shown to be an embellisher of facts, events, conversations… you name it. The guy is just a train wreck. So Biden runs for President in 2008 and got zero traction for his candidacy just as he has in past efforts. God only knows how he stays in Congress, as I would think Lancelot Link the chimp detective from the 70’s TV sitcom could beat Biden in a head-to-head contest, yet somehow Biden comes up a winner despite his ineptness. But despite Biden’s serious lack of tact, common-sense… yada yada yada, Obama picks him as VP. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Anyway, Biden in his usual fashion yesterday blurted out that there was a top secret bunker built on the VP Mansion’s property to protect the VP. Oops!!! Of course, Biden having…

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