Who’s in favor of mail-in Ballots? And why?

The utter stupidity of the commie libs is truly beyond my comprehension. They want everyone in the United States to use mail-in paper ballots. As I write this blog Perez the DNC chairman is on TV blasting Trump for wanting to stay with our current system of voting. He is claiming having people go to a voting booth in November would cause a resurgence of COVID19. Therefore, we should go with a mail-in system.

FRAUD is my concern and even more as you read my complete blog. But think about it… how do you prevent fraud unless some type of security code is used. The code and ballot would be sent to addresses of all American citizens to the extent they know addresses and then their mail-in ballot would be sent to a processing center. This might work I suppose.

But I think the commie libs have another plan in mind. I would suggest the commie libs will try to stretch the system so that all residents get paper ballots for mail-in. So the government would now mail to every address in the U.S. By the way for you unfamiliar with the commie lib Democrat code, “resident” is just code for an illegal alien. Last time I checked illegals were not allowed to vote. They are not even supposed to be here. WTF are they thinking?

Well… they are thinking that if they can get residents to vote, they can become a permanent majority in this Country as there are 22 million illegal aliens in this Country. Illegals undoubtedly will vote Democrat. Why Democrat? Democrats have supported open borders, sanctuary cities, voting rights for residents, healthcare for illegals and are against the Trump wall. So, the Democrats are pandering and sucking-up to illegals meanwhile ignoring their fellow Americans. And if you are reading this you know I am speaking the truth.

And to expand on this pandering point, Democrats say utterly stupid stuff like: “The wall is immoral” (Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and 3rd in line to be President). This is music to the ear of the illegal alien. But how can a wall be “immoral”?

Immorality is the lack of morals and often associated with lack of ethics and values. If the U.S. decides to put up a wall, the only values to be considered are Ours, not illegals. So far as I can tell there is nothing immoral from the U.S.’ standpoint. A wall is merely forcing an orderly methodology to our immigration system by causing people to come to this Country through proper channels. This has been the case since the early founding of this Country except in the last 50 years.

My ancestors came here in the late 1700’s from Ireland. They went through Customs in Philadelphia. They gave their full name, family members and relationships, Country of origin and were checked for diseases. It was an orderly process. They didn’t storm the borders to live here without adhering to U.S. laws. They followed the laws and immigrated legally. They moved west to open land in Texas and Indiana. My ancestors would be outraged that people would come here illegally. A wall will stop them, but a mail-in ballot could open the door permanently as illegals getting the vote will open the border to all.

Bi-partisan: What is the most vile word in the English language…

From this day forward, I hope I never hear a partisan hack politician say the word “bi-partisan” again. We all know they really mean “partisan”. If I do hear the word, I am going to literally lose my voice. See when I hear the word, I have this uncontrollable tendency to yell “bullshit” which is straining my vocal cordage.

That said, it’s no secret I am a conservative, but I also believe I am fair and objective. To me, objectivity is part of being a conservative as conservatives tend to view the world logically and with lesser emotion than liberals.

I don’t know about you, but I hear Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer both left-leaning Democrats constantly using this word and it is vile. They know it is disingenuous. I think I will submit to URBAN DICTIONARY a new meaning for “bipartisan”. It has come to stand for people that are selfish, self-serving, deceitful and dishonest. (DOUBLE S & DOUBLE D). These people know when they say this word… and for sake of argument we’ll call it the “B-word”… that lies and disinformation are about to follow.

Yes I am keenly aware the use of this word is not exclusive to liberals, conservatives use the B-word too. But in my gut, I believe there is more truth coming from a conservative using the B-word than when a liberal uses the word. Deductive reasoning is how I can say this. For no other reasons except for Double S & D, would anyone purposely pursue the policies of democrats and the liberal left. Their policies are anti-american starting with liberal’s desire to give the vote to illegals along with free health-care, welfare, free education, social security, and all of our constitutional rights.

But let’s dig deeper shall we? Liberals believe solemnly that the “ends justify the means”. For example, liberals believe illegal aliens should be afforded rights here in America because they have suffered in their home Country; and further, they represent a huge Democrat voting block. See the sinister underlining here. Liberals sow the seeds of deception by starting with a disingenuous sob story about other’s suffering when in reality they could care less. What they really want is their vote. And as they are spreading the manure of the B-word, they will preach the gospel of seeking a “bi-partisan” solution to the illegal alien problem. In reality they are fighting any solution except “open borders” and “total amnesty”. And by undermining a solution and jamming the gears of progress, oddly enough they appear sympathetic to the illegal’s plight. Thus the liberal is garnering the illegal’s vote when someday they are excused for being here illegally. But to me they are transparent in their motives.

I heard it said to understand those seeking power: “follow the money”. That’s exactly what I did to deduce that liberals are jockeying for open borders because they need more votes. More votes is more power and more power leads to more money. And nowhere does the word “bi-partisan” and a liberal’s actions ever meet.

Admittedly I am unable to erase all bias from my viewpoint, but tell me if my characterization of the illegal alien problem isn’t “right-on”? And tell me that the word “bi-partisan” is ever used by a politician genuinely?