So-called “torture” by American standards would be considered “patty cake” in most Countries.

Why is it that our good friends on the radical left fringe argue “American soldiers have tortured enemy combatants”? As my headline suggests no country outside the United States would risk losing dozens or even thousands of its citizens if captured enemy could be coerced into giving up critical information, yet here in America we have people who are against so-called torture of any kind… for example playing Barney music 24hours a day is considered torture by nimrods of the left, yet our enemy laugh at this silliness. When they torture people it often leads to serious consequences like… oh beheading, cutting off fingers, acid baths… you know REAL torture. Why does anyone listen to the silliness spewed by bleeding heart liberals who probably would opt to “shoo flies” out of their house rather than KILL them. NUTZ!!! NUTZ is all I can say. While two wrong don’t make a “right” certainly we need to use appropriate techniques to coerce information from our enemy. We have too much to lose to worry about a hurting people’s feelings. At the rate we are going, we are going to have to outlaw “war” as being too harsh. At that point, we might as well raise the flag of surrender.