Did you listen to Trump on Saturday June 20, 2020 in Tulsa?

I did and am 100% sold on Trump. Biden stands for nothing that is “RED, WHITE & BLUE”. Trump on the other hand oozes patriotism. I listened carefully and could not find a single solitary issue that I disagreed. He clearly knows the heart and soul of this Country, and while from time to time we falter, it’s not for lack of trying. Trump never gives up and sticks to his guns… literally and figuratively.

Photo by Carlos Herrero on Pexels.com

No I can’t be swayed by a single speech, but I look at what the man has accomplished with the dastardly Pelosi crew dragging him down with witch hunts, and hoaxes and non stop harassment and I admire Trump even further.

Frankly at 74, Trump has more vigor, stamina and desire than men 20 years younger. Yes I am a big fan of his abilities physically to endure the bullshit the desperate Democrats spew like snake venom.

I pray to god, that the majority of Americans see what I see. I see a man at the top of his game espousing all American values, all American virtues and all American policies to make this Country even greater. God Bless Donald Trump. Biden can go to hell he is a fraud without any American values or policies. Enough said.

Obama is destroying America… let’s just admit our national mistake and correct it at the next election


It seems almost a daily event for Obama to lick the boots of the most dispicable dictators in the world as clearly portrayed above. Regrettably, I think slowly we are all discovering, Obama was a mistake. He simply does not represent most Americans and he has no earthly idea where he is leading the masses. He does seem to be hell bent on damaging American’s reputation as the world’s leader. He mocks and makes excuses for our uniquely American ideals and traditions. Sadly, he makes me ashamed to be an American. And while this is hard to write, I feel the system failed miserably to select a President that inspires us all to be proud to be uniquely American. Rather, he makes us feel we are not unique and are merely citizens of the world.

Admittedly, Americans are not genetically different from any other humans on this planet, but Americans are truly unique in that “we believe in the greatness of the individual”. Americans have always been pioneers. Americans believe we can achieve anything if given the opportunity. But this uniquely American attitude on life… is not shared by 95% of the world. And that simply is not our problem. However, the rest of the world depends on America to assert itself. The rest of the world depends on America to lead. But instead, our so-called President is busy apologizing for America’s arrogance as perceived only by those who lack the availability of opportunities afforded Americans. Americans are many things, but we are not arrogant. We are gracious and proud of our heritage, but to some their jealousy of our standard of living allows them to claim America is arrogant and America “derides” Europe. I will never apologize for being an American… and no American President should ever ever apologize for America’s greatness.

Stop for a second and imagine a world without the United States. Can you imagine the human suffering? Even with America’s current influence in the world, 80% of the world is still living under various forms of human slavery.

While it is fitting and proper that people in a free society have the right to dissent, and to protest their government, the people who continue to support the radical policies of Obama are imperiliing our Country’s future. They are risking our entire way of life based on bumper sticker platitudes of “hope”. Nevermind Obama never clearly told us what “hope” was comprised of or what its goal was… Hope was simply a change from the current administration without regard to implications.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time to be honest with ourselves. Obama is the consummate dishonest politician claiming to be a “new type of politician”. Sadly Obama is disingenious at a minimum and a pathetic liar at the extreme. Yes these words are imflammatory, but if one objectively listens to Obama one cannot conclude otherwise. And PLEASE don’t waste any time stating Obama is no more dishonest than Bush. Bush is gone and irrelevant. And as the age old saying says: “Two wrongs don’t make it right” In other words… somehow because Bush was a liar, that excuses Obama? Bush’ has no bearing on the debate as to Obama’s honesty and integrity.

And I say to you Obama supporters… you seriously and desperately need to objectively listen and understand the insidious changes that are taking place in this once great Country. Don’t simply follow hollow slogans and empty rhetoric. Don’t allow Obama and his cronies to say things that are patently false and bald ass lies. Debt is not “reinvestment”! Debt is DEBT!!! These attempts by Obama to turn the English languange on it head by alterning the meaning of words to fit a need… only supports my assertion Obama is dishonest.

I say to all Americans: “How dare Obama ridicule America while traveling on a media circus around the world.” “How dare Obama heap 10 trillion in debt on my children and their children’s children.” “How dare Obama reach out to tyrants hoping to pursuade them to change their brutal ways merely by trading IPODs” “How dare Obama begin dismantling our military at a time of approaching clouds of danger” “How dare Obama share our interrogation tactics with the enemy thus making America’s ability to extract information from our enemy.” “How dare Obama waste precious time “playing with the knobs” while “Rome burns” “How dare Obama suggest he knows better than I, how to run my business or my life.” “How dare Obama decide he is going to redistribute my hard earned wealth” Clearly, Obama dares to tread on our precious American liberties all in the name of “hope” and “change”.

Obama is a disaster, and we Americans need to accept this and vote to replace the current Democrat Congress in 2010 followed by removal of Obama in 2012. This is imperative to save the Union.

And I say in closing…Obama talks about “audacity”… he is the height of audacity. Obama has the audacity to dare tear down my Country. WE must stand against this fundemental change in our Country. Obama never has nor will he ever be my President… I do not respect any man who derides my Country… a man who is busy dismantling the traditions and culture that has made this Country the world leader. Obama is the President, but he is not Presidential.

I pray our citizens will wake up and understand our mistake. And when the time is right, we remove and then dismantle the entire Obama years. And the first step is to remove all current leaders of our Country irrespective of party affiliation. And while we are at it… we remove all of our State officials, remove every single Congressman and unravel the entire debt bomb disguised as “stimulus”.

We simply cannot tolerate the treasonous actions of the pathetic leaders who have bought their way to positions of power… two in particular must be removed at any cost: Pelosi and Reid. Now is the time to return to our roots and to revive the American spirit that brought about our “Declaration of Independence” from England. NOW IS OUR TIME TO BE THE NEXT GREAT GENERATION…

Michelle Obama finally proud to be an American… not me!

How sad it is, that now that Obama is President, for the first time in my nearly 50 years I am not proud of this country or our alleged political leaders.

As I look back over my life, I remember being a staunch Democrat when Carter was President, but even then I was not happy with Carter, but never was I not proud of my fellow Americans and the ideals of this Country. But admittedly, I did feel that possibly our better days were behind us, but I was still proud of our heritage and our citizens.

Then… an Actor named Ronald Reagan, who I did not vote for… was elected President, and his infectious enthusiasm lifted all our spirits. It didn’t matter whether you were a Democrat or a Republican or an Independent, we all again believed our better days lay ahead. We all believed again in our ability to accomplish anything. And it was Reagan who opened my eyes and millions of other Americans to Conservatism. Since then, I have never looked back. I have embraced the ideals of Conservatism which believes in the power of the individual to accomplish great things if the shackles of government were removed.

But now sadly, a malaise similar to the Carter years is overwhelming our country. But unlike Carter, Obama is an elistist egotistical man, who has decided he… rather than we citizens, knows best how to configure our future. To me, he inspires primarily those that have no goals in life, no ambition, no drive… instead he appeals to the mediocrity of our nature. And if you couple Obama’s uninspiring rhetoric with the utterly disgraceful leadership in Congress; it’s no wonder many of us staunchly proud American’s, have lost our pride.

So it seems the moment Michele Obama finally became proud to be an American just this past year, I lost my pride in almost everything American except our military. Frankly, not since the Carter years have I felt our better days are possibly behind us. But even back in the Carter years, while I thought our better days may have been in the past, I never felt that our entire way of life was in dire jeopardy.

But as I see it, the dramatic changes being proposed in healthcare, education, energy, social services, fiscal policy and budget priorities will in time negatively affect all aspects of our society and role in the world. What concerns me most is that once these policies become law or become institutionalized into the fabric of American society it becomes nearly impossible to correct… and they must be corrected otherwise, I fear our better days are truly behind us.

In closing, all I can say is: “don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for Obama”… and if you did, I hope you now see the folly of your vote. And if you now can see the peril in allowing the current Congress and the President to continue their unchecked efforts to change every aspect of our way of life, you will join me in voting against every single incumbent Congress person in 2010. We desperately need to “throw the bums out”, and replace them with citizen politicians rather than career politicians.

So Hear Ye: The time has come for “sweeping” and dramatic change in Congress. These people have fucked up this country to the point, many of us patriotic Americans are no longer proud of our Country and fear the worst has finally become truly possible. For that, these self-serving bastards need to be forever removed from Congress or any elected position. Congress is disgraceful!!!

MLK’s most profound words: “judge a man by the content of his character, rather than the color of his skin”

At the time MLK spoke those words, the world was not ready for accepting people based on their deeds and actions, but rather was focused more on skin color.

Today with Obama’s inagauration, one might suggest that MLK’s words spoken nearly 40 years ago, were prophetic… and in a way they were. But the election of Obama has turned MLK’s words of wisdom completely upside down. We have not judged Obama based on the content of his character, but instead we have judged him based on the color of his skin. More headlines and news reports have focused on Obama being a Black or African American rather than being the best and brightest individual for the job of President. MLK would be saddened by the rabid focus on Obama being black. So while many political hacks argue we’ve made history today, I would strongly argue otherwise. History would have been made, if the campaigns and the election of Obama was based entirely on him being the best and brightest candidate to be President. But from my vantage point we are far from living in a “post racial” society… oh quite the contrary. We still allow people to carry around labels such as Mexican American or African American… I ask: “Aren’t we all simply Americans?” To me it is a given if you were born here legally… you are an American… you are not African, Mexican, Polish, Klingon or anything else. You are simply an American. And until we get to the point, we are all simply Americans, there is no chance we are going to be able to move beyond race. To me it is insulting for people to insist they are Mexican American or African American. I am of Irish descent, but don’t label myself Irish American, I am simply an American. End of Story.

So-called “torture” by American standards would be considered “patty cake” in most Countries.

Why is it that our good friends on the radical left fringe argue “American soldiers have tortured enemy combatants”? As my headline suggests no country outside the United States would risk losing dozens or even thousands of its citizens if captured enemy could be coerced into giving up critical information, yet here in America we have people who are against so-called torture of any kind… for example playing Barney music 24hours a day is considered torture by nimrods of the left, yet our enemy laugh at this silliness. When they torture people it often leads to serious consequences like… oh beheading, cutting off fingers, acid baths… you know REAL torture. Why does anyone listen to the silliness spewed by bleeding heart liberals who probably would opt to “shoo flies” out of their house rather than KILL them. NUTZ!!! NUTZ is all I can say. While two wrong don’t make a “right” certainly we need to use appropriate techniques to coerce information from our enemy. We have too much to lose to worry about a hurting people’s feelings. At the rate we are going, we are going to have to outlaw “war” as being too harsh. At that point, we might as well raise the flag of surrender.