Cap and Trade… sounds good! NOT!

Why in the hell do politicians tinker with things that are not broken. And they do it in the name of “clean air” or the “children” or “global warming”, but their real motives are insidious. They want to tax and spend more money so they invent nit-wit things to justify their insatiable desire for more and more money. “Cap and trade” is an absolute joke. Who do they think they are kidding. There is no market for trading carbon… and if we develop one, it will become just like all the other “over-the-counter” derivative scams straight out of the Enron playbook. Only Enron did it to make a profit, the Government does it to confiscate wealth out of the economy to create more and more dependents on the nanny state. All this shit sounds good… no one wants dirty air, or starving children, but we don’t have that problem… so why are we trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist.

And these “green jobs”… PLEASE!!! I beg you simpleton politicians to listen to the experts. You didnt listen on ethanol, now these plants are going bankrupt all over the midwest. It hardly takes an expert to understand if you soak up corn to make fuel, you are going to create another problem… food shortages. And experts told the nit-wits in Congress that their goals for ethanol by 2020 would consume the entire production of corn of the United States as produced in 2007. IMPOSSIBLE. We could never ever achieve such ridiculous goals… and Congress was told this, and yet they blindly just went ahead giving incentives for ethanol. Three months later gasoline drops to $2.00/gallon and ethanol is a laughing stock fuel. STUPID STUPID STUPID. We cannot allow morons to run this Country.

Cap and trade is just another moronic half baked scheme that will fail miserably, and we citizens pay the price. The best thing this Country could do is this: “Offer every member of Congress $1MM/year to never set foot in Washington DC.” So these morons could make a nice annual income, and we citizens wouldnt be burdened by more and more and more regulation with no redeeming value.

I just cannot get over how damn stupid the people in Congress appear. I am fairly educated… yes I am often called a “redneck” or “hillbilly”, but I study things… and I put pieces of information togther to form a conclusion. And my friends, we have successfully gathered the dumbest and most pompous group of legislators in history in the current crop of nit-wits in Congress. These people would fail miserably in the real world. Why do I say this? I say this because they possess no desirable skills except blathering… and blathering is not a needed skill.

So tell me where I am wrong?