Opie is an Idiot…

I find Opie’s recent public comments that the crimes of Nixon pale in comparison to “crimes committed in recent years” appalling, disreputable and dishonorable.  Opie’s insinuation that Bush committed some type of crime on a scale more grand than Nixon just runs afoul of the facts.  Bush merely exercised his Constitutional authority which was overwhelming supported by Congress, and nearly all of Clinton’s cronies.   So I ask Opie where is the so-called crime.  Simply using military force to protech this country is not a crime, rather it is the action of a strong independent leader.  And remember Opie, terrorists invaded our homeland and killed nearly 3,000 innocent Americans.  I say Opie should stick to making movies and to looking for a good toupee. 

Of course this dim wit, is just another in a long list of utter retards living in Hollyweird who spew bullshit that in any country except the United States would land them in prison for treason. 

There is no comparison between Nixon and Bush.  Whatever you think about Bush, the man did what he thought was right.  And despite his errors in judgment, his goals were noble.  I respect a leader that sticks to his principles regardless of public sentiment. 

Most Americans are completely unaware that Lincoln was not a particularly popular President is his time.  The Civil War was a tragic time in our history… 400,000 men lost their lives which is more lives lost than WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf I and Gulf II combined.  Needless to say Lincoln’s approval rating was not good, but history now ranks him in the top 3 Presidents to ever hold the office.   

In any event, does anyone of sound mind and body, seriously think Saddam Hussein remaining in power would be a good thing?  Does anyone think leaving the Taliban in power would have been a good thing?  Would either situation, even remotely be preferred to the current situation?  And in case you have forgotten, the Taliban routinely severed limbs for trumped up crimes… they ruled through sheer terror.  Hussein routinely raped dozens of women because he needed to satisfy his masochistic desires.  I think we can all agree Hussein and the Taliban being removed from power was a good thing… yet some pin heads like Opie have this warped sense of logic when it comes to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Opie wants to suggest somehow that Iraq and Afghanistan were wrong, yet would have us get involved in stopping genocide in Africa.  What’s the difference?   And to me, if we have to pick and choose where to stop genocide, I would start with those countries that harbor terrorists who actually invaded our country on 9/11.  Wake up Opie, you can’t have it both ways.  You can’t suggest we intervene in Africa and at the same time condemn our efforts in other countries where the atrocities are equal. 

Admittedly, it is difficult to decide where to intervene… do we intervene in Africa, the Middle-East, the Far East… where do Americans lend a helping hand to plant the seeds of democracy and stop genocide?  Even more basic… does America get involved in stopping atrocities in any sovereign nation?  I don’t have the answer, but I am sick and tired of Opie types bitching about Americans and in particular bitching that President Bush was wrong for striking back at terrorists who invaded our country, and at the same time suggest we intervene in other countries.  Actors and people of similar low IQ should stick to acting because their intellectual capacity to make sound geo-political judgments is far far above their feeble ability to separate reality from fantasy.  “Acting” and “rational thinking” appear to be mutually exclusive based on the overwhelming number of clear imbeciles living in Hollyweird.  They chronically give their opinions on topics they have literally no learnings or knowledge.  Rather their entire rationale and logic for condemning the United State’s actions rests entirely on “feelings” and hate for America.  Personally, I think Actors should stick to acting and SHUT THE FUCK UP!  And that goes double for Opie and his brainless chrome dome!!!

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