Social Security… a Ponzi scheme only dumber!

A Ponzi scheme similar to a pyramid scheme requires people to send money or invest money with the goal of getting abnormally large returns on investments. Typically the schemes go like this: First someone convinces another to invest or send money to someone on a list. Each investment or time money is sent to the person on the list, those below move up. In theory eventually those at the bottom move to the top and get huge sums of money sent to them either as checks from those in the pyramid or the Ponzi man who uses other duped people to satisfy the returns promised to the original investors, often one in the same. The big attraction is that there are abnormally large returns.

Social Security is the same thing. Workers today, are sending money to retired workers with the hopes of someday becoming retired themselves and receiving their checks from workers lower in the pyramid. The bad news is that unlike a Ponzi scheme, Social Security returns abnormally low rates of return on investment. One would be far better to invest their money in other financial vehicles. So in the end Social Security is a stupid Ponzi scheme. So I ask all you Liberals out there, do you really want the government to take over healthcare, when it can’t even design a proper Ponzi scheme… one that returns above average rates as compared to a simple “certificant of deposit”? I figure if they can’t construct a smart Ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme there is no chance they will be able to tackle healthcare for ALL!

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