How Dare Congress…

How dare Congress suggest any corporation replace its CEO… regardless of whether Congress provides loan guarantees or not! My friends this is truly socialism… socialism is defined as government owning the means of production. What in the hell is Congress doing if it is not moving towards “owning the means of production”. Since Roosevelt, the government has been slowly moving towards control of the means of production, but in the last year given the economic climate, the government has suddenly jumped at the opportunity to own or control our economy. And dim wits like Chris Dodd who has never held a “real job” suggesting that the CEO of GM should be removed is outrageous and egregious. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! The enemy is here and it is the Federal Government masquerading as “white knights”.

One thought on “How Dare Congress…

  1. The classic definition of socialism is: government control of the sources of production. A bill now before Congress, H.R. 2421, will give the federal government absolute control over all sources of production. This bill, if enacted, will instantly convert the United States into a socialist nation.

    For links see “Legislation for Socialism in America” at The Ice Blog

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