For 20 Years Obama hangs out with Chicago thugs and racists and yet recalls nothing unusual…

Nearly every player that assisted Obama to his metoric rise from a petty community organizer to President… have been morally and ethically bankrupt AND yet we are led to believe Obama didn’t know any of this. Please… the American public is dumb, but are they really this dumb? Well maybe, but I hope not. I have nothing against Obama personally, and I actually think he is a likeable guy, but his comments about the corrupt and racist crowd he ran with at a mimimum sound disingenous and at the extreme appear to be bald ass lies. It is just not possible to have spent 20 years immersed in Chicago politics and not notice double dealing, special favors and the vitriolic rhetoric of a pure racist named Reverend Wright. I continue to hope and pray that our citizens will become more educated about the issues and less gullible, but each election that passes, my hopes are dashed by the continual re-election of inept, spineless career politicians. From my vantage point the whole system is bankrupt, and it will take more than “bumper sticker” slogans to clean up the mess in Washington. And so far, Obama has spent most of his time skywriting on people’s imaginations with flowery slogans and “feel good” platitudes.

2 thoughts on “For 20 Years Obama hangs out with Chicago thugs and racists and yet recalls nothing unusual…

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