Hey Congress… why stop with cash giveaways to every American?

Is there no limit to where Congress and our inexperienced irrationally “idealistic” President might take this Country. Each day a new executive order is signed giving away more and more of my money to people who… in some cases don’t need the money and in many cases are not even asking for the money. Congress is moving towards setting aside the age old truisms of Economics 101, and simply rearranging the market as they see fit. They do this in a vacuum devoid of any economic principles as most Congressmen haven’t even pumped their own gas in 10 years. I ask… how can the government just decide 30 year mortgages should be 4%. Worse yet, how does the government just snap its fingers and suddenly 4% is the benchmark across the country. And if this is where we are going… i.e. arbitrary configuring of the economy, why stop at 4% mortgage rates. Let’s just all decide we should have incomes of $100,00 per year, we should get $15,000 payments to buy new cars, we should get $25,000 for purchasing a new home, free electricity and natural gas, fixed gasoline prices of $1.00 per gallon, cradle to grave healthcare, and on and on… Don’t laugh, while I have inflated some of the above suggestions, bits and pieces of these ideas have been discussed and kicked around by Congress, and I have no doubts Obama would seriously consider many of these programs. Here’s the problem though… who is going to pay for this. You can’t just arbitrarily determine prices and subsidies and incomes… blah blah blah. And if you think we have serious drug problems now, take away people’s motivations to work and achieve things in life, and watch how quick people become drug addicts and alcoholics. Humans need challenges in their lives to truly experience life. Take away all the trials and tribulations of life and surprisingly life becomes very very dull. Why? Because without experiencing difficult times, one cannot enjoy the good times. Without the bad there is no good as you need one to know the difference. Admittedly, I have exaggerated things, but even in the absurd ideas there are threads of truth and threads of just how idealistic and out-of-touch liberals think. WE should all be worried about where the new Congress and President are heading. They know not what they do!

7 thoughts on “Hey Congress… why stop with cash giveaways to every American?

  1. As my father said, who retired at 52 just in time, every time they print another dollar his savings become less useful. Every time they make dollars out of nothing, his life is worth less. The end point on that is, every time they do that, every minute of work i do is not worth the same amount it was. Exactly why raising minimum wage sucks so badly. I’ve never had to work for minimum wage, yet every year I see my pay stay close to the same and every moron who can’t read gets paid more like I do. My raises don’t equate to the huge jumps in minimum wage. So I am worth less, and they are worth more, but I do a better job, but they can’t raise my pay so much anymore because they are giving it to the idiot who can’t do what I can do. Karl Marx was a moron, and if you socialize this economy, then all the smart or talented or hardworking people will do one of two things: stop trying so hard, resulting in less productivity, or just leave. One way or another, you are stuck with less trained people and less effort, because you have then sunk to the lowest common denominator. Why would I bother spending my limited time and resources to not get anything for it? I’d rather just let the government give me a bloody check and hang out.

    • My friend you make many excellent points and observations. The one comment that I saw as I read through your writings is that American’s eventually “push back” when our politicians go too far in any direction. I think that is the essence of your point. I tend to agree, my only concern is that we may indeed be at a tipping point… a point where the uninformed and the closed minded people outnumber those of us who attempt to seperate fact from fiction, those of us who attempt to listen to all sides before making a judgement. In my past, people tended to be skeptical of the press; were more protective of their freedoms. Today, people blindly accept as fact mere opinion. And if challenged, they resort to yelling and name calling rather than honest discourse. If we have indeed reached a tipping point, I am concerned that source of equilibrium that our citizens have provided in the past… may be a thing of the past. That being said, I feel it is my civic duty to speak out when I hear and see disinformation and bias. I was taught this by my father, and have passed it to my sons. It is encouraging to hear that you… even as a 29 year old, can see the difference between fact and opinion disguised as fact. Keep the faith… and while it sometimes seem fruitless to point out the absurdity of issues, we must perservere. And sadly the Universities of this Country make it difficult on students to challenge the conventional albiet biased opinion of those that are supposed learned people.

  2. The funtion of using Al Jazera as a main reference point and the segway itself into prooving a grievance is hysterical, don’t you think? And I am the one who was asking… do you want a bloody war? I doubt they ever realize what I meant. They always tend to think I am making a threat. No, bud, I wasn’t making a threat. I had a question mark did’t I. I was assuming you were a threat. Idiots. D o y o u w a n t a b l o o d y w a r? Think real hard Karr. lol. The answer is I don’t, but obviously they do.

  3. seriously, it is too funny to even not say it again. Al Jazeera is a source of info about why Bush or the USA is bad. A reputable and esteemed source apparently. Oh, give me a break. I need an ambulance. Can you call me an ambulance.
    You: You are an ambulance.
    Me: Indeed I am.

  4. in fact i think i didn’t even say ‘bloody war” I was stupid enough to listen to him saying i did. i said do you want a war? do you want a bloody fight? They can make that into all sorts of things I suppose, including their endgame of thinking I said do you want a bloody war? well, any honest person would say no to all 3. That seems obvious to me, unless they really actually do want it. Don’t you think? I was giving nothing more than a easy to answer question and pleading for cooperation. They made it a war. I always get caught off guard when I say something, and especially caught off guard when it seems so simple and suddenly I said things I didn’t say and am attacked. Let me boil this down for you…I Said this in my first comment, albeit I gave the creedence of intelligence to the bastard: Why are you trying to fight Bush, is it worth it, did he ask for a war in your heads? Proove it. You don’t know, so stop, you are dividing us all up into groups. The irony is remarkable, I don’t want this fight.”

    well i said the same damn thing, and was accused of being illiterate. Laugh your ass off. They are acting like nazis accusing people of being themelves. Get that and you win.

  5. those of us who attempt to listen to all sides before making a judgement. In my past, people tended to be skeptical of the press; were more protective of their freedoms. Today, people blindly accept as fact mere opinion. And if challenged, they resort to yelling and name calling rather than honest discourse.
    —greg karr


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