I say the time has come to take back the freedoms the Feds have usurped from all of us…

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
— U.S. Constitution, Tenth Amendment

Following the Constitution, much of the baloney we see in Washington DC today is 100% unconstitutional. According to one report I read, 25 states are looking into ways to block the Federales from further eroding our rights as citizens and/or as States. Congress incrementally passing legislation which often bestows upon the Federales new powers never contemplated by our Founders, and in doing so they usurp our unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I often wonder where we start in terms of stopping further losses of freedoms: education, gun laws, personal property laws, laws governing so-called “interstate commerce”, laws restricting how private land is used, ie drilling for oil, EPA, OSHA, unemployment, Social Security… you name it. All of these new laws and future visions of laws undeniably restrict States rights and our personal freedoms.

My interpretation of the 10th Amendment, prevents the Federal government from using its power to change laws governing just a few of the rights enumerated above. And admittedly, some of the items noted need a national approach, but where do we draw the line.

Now with Obama, the goal posts are moving dramatically in favor of Federal rights in total opposition to the 10th Amendment which reserves to the States or to the citizens of this Country all rights and priviledges not specifically spelled out in the Constituion as being within the Federal Government’s purview.

We must oppose any usurpation of rights that have not already be stolen from the States or us citizens. I would start my protest and letter writing campaign against any form of national healthcare… This is an area the Federales should never be involved… next gun laws, property rights, and interstate commerce… to stop the growing insidious tide. I must say at this point, I don’t even consider the impact taxes on our freedoms. Unless we get control of the issue of State’s rights, taxes are not worth mentioning because the Feds need every dime they can get as they incrementally steal our liberties.

And as I study trends and ponder where this is leading, I could foresee a day when a State like Texas considers seceeding from the Union… of course they are the only State that joined the Union with the proviso they could legally seceed if they deemed it necessary to protect what many Texans consider their rights to be TEXANS. Think I am kidding about this growing secession movement read these articles:



3 thoughts on “I say the time has come to take back the freedoms the Feds have usurped from all of us…

  1. No president in history has taken more freedoms from the people than George W Bush. Why do you insist on talking to people like they don’t the truth about what is going on in this country. what an idiot you must be.

    • What proof do you have that a single freedom has been taken from you under Bush? Seriously? Were you wire tapped? Do you even now how they went about wire tapping? No human listened in… it was merely a series of repeated statements that eventually caused a human to listen. Are you calling Muslim radical sympathysers? If so, I hope we are listening. However, Obama has written in his book that the Constitution needs to be revised “in so many words” to provide for more social justice. What does that mean? Well the Tenth Amendment says he can’t do that, but let’s see how the Republican Congress handles his policies in the coming years. The 10th Amendment is very very narrow and most of what the feds do today violate the 10th at its core

    • You are either only 10 years old and have ostrich complex where you spend your days with your head in the sand. GW may have restricted some freedoms of foreign people to communicate inside the United States, but those erosions pale by comparison of what countless of presidents have done. Lincoln suspended due process for soldiers captured on the battlefield. American’s, albiet misguided, were interned in prison camps without a trial for alleged crimes against the United States. More recently, Roosevelt interned hundreds of thousands of native born Japenese during WWII. Keep in mind, both of these Presidents are revered as some of our greatest presidents. GW’s erosion of freedom simply does not rise to the level of those of Lincoln or Roosevelt… and yet uninformed folks like yourself choose to make claims based on personal opinion rather than facts. Facts are friendly, facts are irrefutable and I try to stick to the facts. Your opinion is nothing more than “your opinion”. But it doesn’t advance the advance the cause of creating a well educated electorate. And democracy relies on an educated electorate, otherwise the sins of the past are repeated.

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