Michelle Obama finally proud to be an American… not me!

How sad it is, that now that Obama is President, for the first time in my nearly 50 years I am not proud of this country or our alleged political leaders.

As I look back over my life, I remember being a staunch Democrat when Carter was President, but even then I was not happy with Carter, but never was I not proud of my fellow Americans and the ideals of this Country. But admittedly, I did feel that possibly our better days were behind us, but I was still proud of our heritage and our citizens.

Then… an Actor named Ronald Reagan, who I did not vote for… was elected President, and his infectious enthusiasm lifted all our spirits. It didn’t matter whether you were a Democrat or a Republican or an Independent, we all again believed our better days lay ahead. We all believed again in our ability to accomplish anything. And it was Reagan who opened my eyes and millions of other Americans to Conservatism. Since then, I have never looked back. I have embraced the ideals of Conservatism which believes in the power of the individual to accomplish great things if the shackles of government were removed.

But now sadly, a malaise similar to the Carter years is overwhelming our country. But unlike Carter, Obama is an elistist egotistical man, who has decided he… rather than we citizens, knows best how to configure our future. To me, he inspires primarily those that have no goals in life, no ambition, no drive… instead he appeals to the mediocrity of our nature. And if you couple Obama’s uninspiring rhetoric with the utterly disgraceful leadership in Congress; it’s no wonder many of us staunchly proud American’s, have lost our pride.

So it seems the moment Michele Obama finally became proud to be an American just this past year, I lost my pride in almost everything American except our military. Frankly, not since the Carter years have I felt our better days are possibly behind us. But even back in the Carter years, while I thought our better days may have been in the past, I never felt that our entire way of life was in dire jeopardy.

But as I see it, the dramatic changes being proposed in healthcare, education, energy, social services, fiscal policy and budget priorities will in time negatively affect all aspects of our society and role in the world. What concerns me most is that once these policies become law or become institutionalized into the fabric of American society it becomes nearly impossible to correct… and they must be corrected otherwise, I fear our better days are truly behind us.

In closing, all I can say is: “don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for Obama”… and if you did, I hope you now see the folly of your vote. And if you now can see the peril in allowing the current Congress and the President to continue their unchecked efforts to change every aspect of our way of life, you will join me in voting against every single incumbent Congress person in 2010. We desperately need to “throw the bums out”, and replace them with citizen politicians rather than career politicians.

So Hear Ye: The time has come for “sweeping” and dramatic change in Congress. These people have fucked up this country to the point, many of us patriotic Americans are no longer proud of our Country and fear the worst has finally become truly possible. For that, these self-serving bastards need to be forever removed from Congress or any elected position. Congress is disgraceful!!!