Give Thanks to the Federal Govt. and Piss on Illinois…

The Covid 19 economic shutdown destroyed my businesses. That said, I still never thought I would say “thank you” to the Federal Government. But were it not for the Federal Government’s stimulus check, extended unemployment benefits and the additional $600/week unemployment benefits I could not have survived. And while I know our debt bomb has grown at least $3,000,000,000,000,000, Trump had no choice. The economy simply had to have an infusion of cash.

Now let me say “piss on Illinois”. This State has to be among the worst States by every measure. First they were pathetically slow at getting the Federal Government’s unemployment money out to citizens in dire need. All this State had to do was pass out the cash… and they couldn’t even do that on a timely basis. But I think what pisses me off the most is that checks were 48 hours late any time there was a holiday.

Let me explain. Memorial Day was Monday the 26th of May and was a holiday for most everyone in State Government. For me, life and bills go on with or without me regardless of holidays. That means I still have to pay the mortgage and groceries and on and on she goes. In order to do that money has to arrive in my bank account on certain dates or I miss bills. Not unusual…. just like everyone else in this Country for the most part.

Well Wednesday the 28th comes along which is my day for my Federal money and much to my surprise NOTHING. Oh shit something has happened I thought. Now what? I suppose Illinois has some issue preventing them from getting the checks out.

Guess what? Illinois did have an issue. Turns out because Monday the 26th was a holiday, and the poor pitiful way overpaid government workers were off, they didn’t send checks out for 48 hours. I mean it’s only reasonable to think that since workers had Monday off, that the checks would be delayed. We peons in the masses should be happy we are even getting checks is seemingly the mantra.

Well I am here to tell you government dweebs, there’s absolutely no excuse for my check to go out 48 hours late. I bet your fuckin check didn’t go out 48 hours late. Why would you think it’s okay for mine to be late. If you have to work 24 hours a day until you are caught up because you took one holiday out of your egregious 15 holidays, that’s the price you pay to be MY employee. You need to learn who is really paying your bills and it’s not the State of Illinois.

Day 84 of Captivity in the Socialist States of America…

This is my initial discussion making the case for changing the use of USA to Socialist States of America or SSA… Each day of captivity, I will chronicle examples of socialist changes in our economy caused by our government. I have decided to change my personal reference of the USA to “the former USA”. From now going forward I am a captive of the SSA. As a proud American in the Reagan tradition, I pledge to defeat the socialists that now overwhelm our National and State governments. And yes we have officially entered the BIZARRO WORLD!!!

And now the NEWS!!!

Folks each day we are moving closer and closer to a European style socialist economy… don’t believe me? Okay… Rick Wagner of GM was forced out as CEO because the government, i.e. Obama didn’t think he was up to the task of running GM. Oh… you think this was a good idea. Maybe? But since when did the government have the audicity let alone right… to force a CEO out of office? Seriously. Socialism is largely defined as government ownership of the means of production. In this case not only is the government owning GM through its bailout, but it is now higher in the pecking order than GM’s Board of Directors. BOD’s have always been in charge of determining the viability of a CEO, but now the government is doing this? Sure you might say the government loaned them all this money so they now have the right to call the shots. I ask… do you really really want the government telling companies how to run their business? Seriously. Keep in mind, we (through our elected leaders i.e. the Federal government) are currently sitting on $10trillion in debt, and by the time Obama is gone, we will have another $10trillion (not my number CBO’s number)… so you think an entity that by all normal standards of accounting is bankrupt should tell others how to run their business? Come on… you know the folly of that thinking. You can come up with all kinds of “feel good” reasons why I am wrong, but you know deep down, I am right. And you also know that we are moving to a socialist type economy.

There are no winners or losers in a socialist economy… everyone is equal. Sounds good!!! WRONG… why do you think America invents everything. Because there are winners and losers in our economy!!! Take away incentives to WIN, and you lose creativity and ingenuity.

Folks even Europe is now moving away from Socialism… both France and Germany elected Conservatives meanwhile we elect a Socialist. WHAT!!! Sarkozy from France openly talks in conservitive terms… WHO WOULD EVER HAVE BELIEVED A FRENCHMAN WOULD BE CONSERVATIVE!!!! Meanwhile we move in the other direction… INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE!!!

So now my RANTINGS are going to chronicle our daily march to Obama’s socialist nirvana. This is a topic I have been dabbling with, but now… much like our Carter Hostage Crisis days where each day of captivity was chronicled by “Nightline”, I will now chronicle our Socialist Hostage Crisis.

Reporting from my underground bunker in Aurora Illinois this is Day 84 of captivity

Wake Up America… Government is not the answer!

I can hardly believe my ears this morning. I actually heard a so-called reporter suggest that “nothing short of government stepping in and keeping investors whole will help those fooled by Bernie Madoff”. WHAT!!! Let me say it again for effect: WHAT!!! Where was the government when I lost 100’s of thousands on Enron stock or other investments. Not only was the government nowhere to be found, it NEVER EVER crossed my mind that for any reason, the GOVERNMENT would step in and help me with my losses. As I have written over and over, this Country is in serious peril if people continue to look to the Government to solve their problems. The Government is largely the reason we are in our current economic mess, and yet our dim-wit citizenry are actually looking to government to solve their problems. If the Government is good at anything… it is good at “screwing things up”. So, unless we want a complete economic meltdown, we should look to ourselves rather than the Government to grow ourselves out of our current economic mess.

What has happened to this Country I ask? During the Great Depression, those people didn’t look to the Government to solve their problems. Those people were true Americans. They gutted it out, finding ways to solve their problems on their own. Sure they suffered, but they banded together and found ways to survive. Ultimately, the Government got involved in a misguided attempt to assist the economy and boost the nation out of depression, BUT guess what? Most economists now believe that Government intervention actually prolonged the Depression. This country was forged out of shear hard-work and determination, but unless we return to those uniquely American values, I fear our entire economy is going to implode. And unlike the gritty Americans of the past, Americans today are weak, lazy and irresponsible. And these traits… bred through years of pathetically low expectations of our citizenry… could someday lead to a civil war merely for survival. If you think this sounds ridiculous or is far-fetched… think about the poor sap that was trampled to death beneath the entrance door at Wal-mart this past Xmas. The mob that killed that unfortunate person was battling for a “big screen” tv… can you imagine if this same mob was in need of food? WE need a dose of traditional family values in this Country and a return to self-reliance.