Day 89 of captivity to the Obama Socialists….

Today Wells Fargo announces record profits in the first quarter 2009. Well Fargo has always be a quality company and it is no surprise they would announce a profit well before other banks. But… did you know that Wells Fargo was forced to take TARP money or “bailout money”? Wells Fargo declined to take the money, but the Feds, ie Obama through Treasury forced Wells Fargo to take money. By taking money, Wells Fargo becomes subject to Federal rules regarding their operations. I am not making this up… a perfectly healthy company was required to take bailout money. By taking this money two things happen: 1.) The Treasury now has far greater oversight of the banks activities and 2.) the Treasury now owns stock in Wells Fargo.

Exactly why would Wells Fargo be forced to take money? I am not sure… but it smacks of another backdoor attempt at controlling our economy through bank oversight and ownership. What comes next? Nationalizing of the banking system? AIG is owned 80% by the Treasury…

While I would not profess to have expertise in economics or economic models, but when I see the Federal government increasingly owning businesses, I shudder. A careful examination of these transactions suggests to me, a goal of “owning the means of production” and the means of financing production… which my friends is SOCIALISM!!! Socialism is an economic model where the government controls the economy… and when did our government ever do anything correctly and efficiently?

My friends, another day of captivity to the socialist policies of Obama has passed un-noticed by the media. And while at the moment our captivity is at a macro-economic level, with each passing day, the encroachment of government is moving down the economic ladder. Someday, when your rung of the ladder has been invaded, you will recoil and protest the invasion of government, but regrettably it will be far far too late to change. And I fear we will all look back and say we knew this was happening, but we were too engaged in our personal “cones of silence”. Too bad… that was then this is now!!!!

Day 84 of Captivity in the Socialist States of America…

This is my initial discussion making the case for changing the use of USA to Socialist States of America or SSA… Each day of captivity, I will chronicle examples of socialist changes in our economy caused by our government. I have decided to change my personal reference of the USA to “the former USA”. From now going forward I am a captive of the SSA. As a proud American in the Reagan tradition, I pledge to defeat the socialists that now overwhelm our National and State governments. And yes we have officially entered the BIZARRO WORLD!!!

And now the NEWS!!!

Folks each day we are moving closer and closer to a European style socialist economy… don’t believe me? Okay… Rick Wagner of GM was forced out as CEO because the government, i.e. Obama didn’t think he was up to the task of running GM. Oh… you think this was a good idea. Maybe? But since when did the government have the audicity let alone right… to force a CEO out of office? Seriously. Socialism is largely defined as government ownership of the means of production. In this case not only is the government owning GM through its bailout, but it is now higher in the pecking order than GM’s Board of Directors. BOD’s have always been in charge of determining the viability of a CEO, but now the government is doing this? Sure you might say the government loaned them all this money so they now have the right to call the shots. I ask… do you really really want the government telling companies how to run their business? Seriously. Keep in mind, we (through our elected leaders i.e. the Federal government) are currently sitting on $10trillion in debt, and by the time Obama is gone, we will have another $10trillion (not my number CBO’s number)… so you think an entity that by all normal standards of accounting is bankrupt should tell others how to run their business? Come on… you know the folly of that thinking. You can come up with all kinds of “feel good” reasons why I am wrong, but you know deep down, I am right. And you also know that we are moving to a socialist type economy.

There are no winners or losers in a socialist economy… everyone is equal. Sounds good!!! WRONG… why do you think America invents everything. Because there are winners and losers in our economy!!! Take away incentives to WIN, and you lose creativity and ingenuity.

Folks even Europe is now moving away from Socialism… both France and Germany elected Conservatives meanwhile we elect a Socialist. WHAT!!! Sarkozy from France openly talks in conservitive terms… WHO WOULD EVER HAVE BELIEVED A FRENCHMAN WOULD BE CONSERVATIVE!!!! Meanwhile we move in the other direction… INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE!!!

So now my RANTINGS are going to chronicle our daily march to Obama’s socialist nirvana. This is a topic I have been dabbling with, but now… much like our Carter Hostage Crisis days where each day of captivity was chronicled by “Nightline”, I will now chronicle our Socialist Hostage Crisis.

Reporting from my underground bunker in Aurora Illinois this is Day 84 of captivity