Give Thanks to the Federal Govt. and Piss on Illinois…

The Covid 19 economic shutdown destroyed my businesses. That said, I still never thought I would say “thank you” to the Federal Government. But were it not for the Federal Government’s stimulus check, extended unemployment benefits and the additional $600/week unemployment benefits I could not have survived. And while I know our debt bomb has grown at least $3,000,000,000,000,000, Trump had no choice. The economy simply had to have an infusion of cash.

Now let me say “piss on Illinois”. This State has to be among the worst States by every measure. First they were pathetically slow at getting the Federal Government’s unemployment money out to citizens in dire need. All this State had to do was pass out the cash… and they couldn’t even do that on a timely basis. But I think what pisses me off the most is that checks were 48 hours late any time there was a holiday.

Let me explain. Memorial Day was Monday the 26th of May and was a holiday for most everyone in State Government. For me, life and bills go on with or without me regardless of holidays. That means I still have to pay the mortgage and groceries and on and on she goes. In order to do that money has to arrive in my bank account on certain dates or I miss bills. Not unusual…. just like everyone else in this Country for the most part.

Well Wednesday the 28th comes along which is my day for my Federal money and much to my surprise NOTHING. Oh shit something has happened I thought. Now what? I suppose Illinois has some issue preventing them from getting the checks out.

Guess what? Illinois did have an issue. Turns out because Monday the 26th was a holiday, and the poor pitiful way overpaid government workers were off, they didn’t send checks out for 48 hours. I mean it’s only reasonable to think that since workers had Monday off, that the checks would be delayed. We peons in the masses should be happy we are even getting checks is seemingly the mantra.

Well I am here to tell you government dweebs, there’s absolutely no excuse for my check to go out 48 hours late. I bet your fuckin check didn’t go out 48 hours late. Why would you think it’s okay for mine to be late. If you have to work 24 hours a day until you are caught up because you took one holiday out of your egregious 15 holidays, that’s the price you pay to be MY employee. You need to learn who is really paying your bills and it’s not the State of Illinois.

Day 89 of captivity to the Obama Socialists….

Today Wells Fargo announces record profits in the first quarter 2009. Well Fargo has always be a quality company and it is no surprise they would announce a profit well before other banks. But… did you know that Wells Fargo was forced to take TARP money or “bailout money”? Wells Fargo declined to take the money, but the Feds, ie Obama through Treasury forced Wells Fargo to take money. By taking money, Wells Fargo becomes subject to Federal rules regarding their operations. I am not making this up… a perfectly healthy company was required to take bailout money. By taking this money two things happen: 1.) The Treasury now has far greater oversight of the banks activities and 2.) the Treasury now owns stock in Wells Fargo.

Exactly why would Wells Fargo be forced to take money? I am not sure… but it smacks of another backdoor attempt at controlling our economy through bank oversight and ownership. What comes next? Nationalizing of the banking system? AIG is owned 80% by the Treasury…

While I would not profess to have expertise in economics or economic models, but when I see the Federal government increasingly owning businesses, I shudder. A careful examination of these transactions suggests to me, a goal of “owning the means of production” and the means of financing production… which my friends is SOCIALISM!!! Socialism is an economic model where the government controls the economy… and when did our government ever do anything correctly and efficiently?

My friends, another day of captivity to the socialist policies of Obama has passed un-noticed by the media. And while at the moment our captivity is at a macro-economic level, with each passing day, the encroachment of government is moving down the economic ladder. Someday, when your rung of the ladder has been invaded, you will recoil and protest the invasion of government, but regrettably it will be far far too late to change. And I fear we will all look back and say we knew this was happening, but we were too engaged in our personal “cones of silence”. Too bad… that was then this is now!!!!