Obama is destroying America… let’s just admit our national mistake and correct it at the next election


It seems almost a daily event for Obama to lick the boots of the most dispicable dictators in the world as clearly portrayed above. Regrettably, I think slowly we are all discovering, Obama was a mistake. He simply does not represent most Americans and he has no earthly idea where he is leading the masses. He does seem to be hell bent on damaging American’s reputation as the world’s leader. He mocks and makes excuses for our uniquely American ideals and traditions. Sadly, he makes me ashamed to be an American. And while this is hard to write, I feel the system failed miserably to select a President that inspires us all to be proud to be uniquely American. Rather, he makes us feel we are not unique and are merely citizens of the world.

Admittedly, Americans are not genetically different from any other humans on this planet, but Americans are truly unique in that “we believe in the greatness of the individual”. Americans have always been pioneers. Americans believe we can achieve anything if given the opportunity. But this uniquely American attitude on life… is not shared by 95% of the world. And that simply is not our problem. However, the rest of the world depends on America to assert itself. The rest of the world depends on America to lead. But instead, our so-called President is busy apologizing for America’s arrogance as perceived only by those who lack the availability of opportunities afforded Americans. Americans are many things, but we are not arrogant. We are gracious and proud of our heritage, but to some their jealousy of our standard of living allows them to claim America is arrogant and America “derides” Europe. I will never apologize for being an American… and no American President should ever ever apologize for America’s greatness.

Stop for a second and imagine a world without the United States. Can you imagine the human suffering? Even with America’s current influence in the world, 80% of the world is still living under various forms of human slavery.

While it is fitting and proper that people in a free society have the right to dissent, and to protest their government, the people who continue to support the radical policies of Obama are imperiliing our Country’s future. They are risking our entire way of life based on bumper sticker platitudes of “hope”. Nevermind Obama never clearly told us what “hope” was comprised of or what its goal was… Hope was simply a change from the current administration without regard to implications.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time to be honest with ourselves. Obama is the consummate dishonest politician claiming to be a “new type of politician”. Sadly Obama is disingenious at a minimum and a pathetic liar at the extreme. Yes these words are imflammatory, but if one objectively listens to Obama one cannot conclude otherwise. And PLEASE don’t waste any time stating Obama is no more dishonest than Bush. Bush is gone and irrelevant. And as the age old saying says: “Two wrongs don’t make it right” In other words… somehow because Bush was a liar, that excuses Obama? Bush’ has no bearing on the debate as to Obama’s honesty and integrity.

And I say to you Obama supporters… you seriously and desperately need to objectively listen and understand the insidious changes that are taking place in this once great Country. Don’t simply follow hollow slogans and empty rhetoric. Don’t allow Obama and his cronies to say things that are patently false and bald ass lies. Debt is not “reinvestment”! Debt is DEBT!!! These attempts by Obama to turn the English languange on it head by alterning the meaning of words to fit a need… only supports my assertion Obama is dishonest.

I say to all Americans: “How dare Obama ridicule America while traveling on a media circus around the world.” “How dare Obama heap 10 trillion in debt on my children and their children’s children.” “How dare Obama reach out to tyrants hoping to pursuade them to change their brutal ways merely by trading IPODs” “How dare Obama begin dismantling our military at a time of approaching clouds of danger” “How dare Obama share our interrogation tactics with the enemy thus making America’s ability to extract information from our enemy.” “How dare Obama waste precious time “playing with the knobs” while “Rome burns” “How dare Obama suggest he knows better than I, how to run my business or my life.” “How dare Obama decide he is going to redistribute my hard earned wealth” Clearly, Obama dares to tread on our precious American liberties all in the name of “hope” and “change”.

Obama is a disaster, and we Americans need to accept this and vote to replace the current Democrat Congress in 2010 followed by removal of Obama in 2012. This is imperative to save the Union.

And I say in closing…Obama talks about “audacity”… he is the height of audacity. Obama has the audacity to dare tear down my Country. WE must stand against this fundemental change in our Country. Obama never has nor will he ever be my President… I do not respect any man who derides my Country… a man who is busy dismantling the traditions and culture that has made this Country the world leader. Obama is the President, but he is not Presidential.

I pray our citizens will wake up and understand our mistake. And when the time is right, we remove and then dismantle the entire Obama years. And the first step is to remove all current leaders of our Country irrespective of party affiliation. And while we are at it… we remove all of our State officials, remove every single Congressman and unravel the entire debt bomb disguised as “stimulus”.

We simply cannot tolerate the treasonous actions of the pathetic leaders who have bought their way to positions of power… two in particular must be removed at any cost: Pelosi and Reid. Now is the time to return to our roots and to revive the American spirit that brought about our “Declaration of Independence” from England. NOW IS OUR TIME TO BE THE NEXT GREAT GENERATION…

11 thoughts on “Obama is destroying America… let’s just admit our national mistake and correct it at the next election

  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I’m glad I found you since your comments are refreshing and very encouraging. I truly believe Obama hates this country and what its stands for. What better way to detroy us but from the inside. Very scary. As for Jeanane Garofolo, she has made a complete ass of herself on issues in the past, but what else has she got to do? So she hates us teaparty redneck racists huh? She needs to take a long look in the mirror if she can.

  2. Understanding Obama is as simple as looking at the people who surrounded him in his formulative adult years. As we have learned his Reverend was a unapologetic America hater, Obama’s running buddies were sometimes radicals like Ayers, and his clique of political cronies were Blagoavich, Emanuel and Resco. A Chicago Tribune piece noted that Obama met nearly weekly with Blago and Emanual as they strategized on how to move into power positions within the Government. Blago was reported to be very upset when Obama announced he was running for President. Blago had shared with Obama his strategy for running for President once he had completed his term as Governor of Illinois. Obama beat Blago to the “punch.

    So when I look at Obama’s formulative years, he was influenced strongly by people who truly believe the United States often is the root of evil in the world through our intervention in the affairs of other nations. Obama does not hate America… Obama simply believes America has been mismanaged by old white men. In Obama’s world it is now time for a “change” and that change is radical left-wing policies that diminish America’s role in the world. An America where we share leadership with the United Nations since old white men cannot be trusted to protect the envivronment and to share in their wealth so that everyone can be assured life, liberty and happiness. Notice I say “assure” everyone these things provided by the Constituion and Bill of Rights.

    In Obama’s world the injustices of the past by old white men can be resolved by giving everyone equal opportunity combined with equal outcomes… which smacks of socialism.

    Our founders never contemplated that our Union would “assure” anyone anything, rather our founders only wanted to assure a platform whereby every person would have the unalienable right to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

    We are clearly off course and are speeding headlong into a brick wall called socialism. My prayer is that Americans quickly accept that electing Obama was a mistake in much the same way Jimmy Carter was a mistake. And I pray in 2012 a new century Reaganesque type emerges to help this Country again become the inspired leader of the world.

  3. In an article written by Mike Gallagher from Townhall Magazine, he states in the opening of his article:

    We continue to live smack dab in the middle of a “Twilight Zone” episode.

    Every new revelation about the Obama Administration comes with the familiar musical notes of the Rod Serling TV classic ringing in my head: “Do-dee-do-do, do-dee-do-do…”

    I know the mainstream media is frantically trying to cover for this train wreck, but are Americans paying attention?”

    Daniel McArthy writes “The greatest threat to the Republic comes from the Oval Office.”

    From the Bible, Luke 6:49: “But the one who hears my words and does not put them into practice is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. The moment the torrent struck that house, it collapsed and its destruction was complete.”

    President Barack Obama continues to confirm all things radical about himself with each passing day. Yet, he also continues to hide the deep and frightening truth of who he really is behind his personality in a celebrity-obsessed culture oblivious to their own imminent destruction.

    During the campaign much was made by conservatives over the associations that Obama has made and maintained throughout his career. We were told that our concerns were foolish and that the likes of Saul Alinsky, Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, ACORN, et al meant nothing. Yet barely over 2 months into his presidency, Obama’s deeply held anti-American and anti-Christian beliefs are finding ways to bubble up to the surface.

    First, we have to understand that the foundation of our entire government and legal system is deeply rooted in the Judeo-Christian worldview and values. The founders and many of those who paid for this great nation with their deep personal sacrifices held to these beliefs despite recent attempts to re-cast them as anti-Christian pagans.

    The Bible verse at the top of this blog speaks to the seriousness of comments like the following coming from President Barack HUSSEIN Obama:

    “I’ve said before that one of the great strengths of the United States is, although as I mentioned we have a very large Christian population, we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values.”

    When Obama attempts to re-cast the nation as a secular nation without regard to the foundation upon which our nation built our laws, social views, and indeed governing philosophy, he puts massive cracks in the foundation of America. His attempt to remove any Christian influence over our nation’s government and policies is a chilling move to take down this nation. As the Biblical verse suggests, the foundation of anything, whether it be a building or a nation, is essential to its very survival. Obama’s mission in life is to radically change that foundation. He believes it is his goal to re-make America into a nation that he wants it to be.

    In many ways, this should not be surprising. Obama’s associations, mentors, and past political positions have revealed him to be a staunch socialist on most things. The freqent comments from both Obamas and their friends and advisors on their negative views of America are not to be taken lightly. His Muslim family influence growing up and increasingly obvious loyalty to all things Islamic are barely hidden behind the rouse that he is a “Christian” despite not adhering to any of the tenets of Christianity and not ever referencing said faith. His mistaken reference to his “Muslim faith” in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and his recent obsession with reaching out to Muslims seem to suggest that this “sheep” is in fact a “goat.” Make no mistake, Obama is here to destroy America as we know it and replace it with a secular socialist state.

    The removal of Christian influence is essential to his success. This is primarily due to one of the central tenets of the Christian faith–that all men are created equal and are equally sinful before God. The Bible teaches that not one person can achieve righteousness apart from Christ. Such a belief serves as a foundational support for our style of government in that it understands that anyone with too much power can become a tyrant. All men are capable of doing bad things on their own, and as such, a Christian view of the world would insist on putting limitations on the power of government. People, even well-intentioned people, will miss the mark and fall short of what they need to do. As a result, no one person or group of people should be entrusted with so massive a power.

    If Obama can succeed in fully removing this stumbling block to his power from the majority of the American people, he can convince them that the government rightfully deserves an ever-increasing control over the daily lives of people. President Obama and his secular allies in congress will continue to grow government and encroach on the liberties of the American people until this nation resembles something out of the annals of the USSR or the People’s Republic of China.

    Consider some of the following that Obama has done or proposed since taking office:

    Dismantling the missle defense of our country while at the same time approving of Iran obtaining nuclear technology. (After all, his advisor was instrumental in giving Iran’s crackpot dictator the stage at Columbia University and Mr. Obama has suggested he wants to meet without pre-conditions with the psycho.)

    Bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, demonstrating the submission he personally feels to the powerful Muslims of the world. (Although he claims that bending at the waist in front of the potentate was simply reaching down to “shake the hand” the shorter king…and countless dimwits will chant “Yes We Can” and believe this nonsense.)

    Refuse to commit to attending the 65th anniversary of D-Day at the G20 for fear of offending the Germans.

    Refuse to call Terrorist Attacks, instead opting for the “man-made disasters” label that will not offend terrorists.

    Refuse to call it a War on Terror, instead opting for the “oversea contingency operations” that make Al-queda and the Taliban feel better about themselves.

    Spend as much time as possible putting America down on foreign soil, by referring to us as “arrogant” and doing everything in his power to submit America’s interests to those of the Muslim world and other socialist nations.

    According to the U.S. government, I am an extremist. I am a Christian and meet regularly with other Christians to study God’s word. My faith convinces me the prophecies in the Holy Bible are true. I believe in the sanctity of human life, oppose abortion, and want to preserve marriage as the union of a man and a woman. I fervently support the sovereignty of the United States, and I am deeply concerned about our economy, increasingly higher taxes, illegal immigration, soaring unemployment, and actions by our government that will bury my children beneath a mountain of debt.

    How dare these people issue such inflammatory garbage? How dare they say that the election of the first African-American president is a “unique driver” for radicalization and recruitment? I know it serves the political cause of the left to continue to divide the races, but this is a government-issued document we’re talking about here that was designed to guide the approach to homeland security and law enforcement. How dare they slander military veterans by suggesting they are more prone than the average citizen to criminal, seditious and violent activity? As The Washington Times’ editors note: “A 2000 Justice Department study found that ‘veterans were incarcerated at less than half the rate of adult male nonveterans.’ Veterans are more likely to be peace officers.”

    Adding insult to injury, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was all over TV depicting conservatives as Timothy McVeigh clones. Then she issued a disingenuous statement, that “we do not — nor will we ever — monitor ideology or political beliefs.” What int he world? McVay? Yes, he was a rigth wing extrimist, but he was also a sick man.

    I agree with David Limbugh’s statement “Well, Secretary Napolitano, you sure could have fooled me — and anyone else who can read for himself. You (or someone in your charge) are not only monitoring the ideologies and political beliefs of conservatives but also poisoning law enforcement agents with a bias against them and suggesting their beliefs lead to violence against the government. Shame on you.”

    In short, Mr. Obama has been shouting from the rooftops about the evils of America while downplaying or downright ignoring the immense history of America’s leadership and protection of freedom at home and abroad. He lacks the ability to discern good from evil and makes no distinction between terrorists and American citizens, between the evil of the Nazi past and the heroism of the allied powers, between those who obey the law and those who break it (see also his tax-evading nominees).

    This is the worst kind of leadership. It is precisely this type of leadership that will remove the sound foundation of this great nation and remove America from the world stage forever. It is precisely this kind of leadership that will strip Americans of their rights with a smile, while growing the government monstrosity into the next great threat against mankind. Make no mistake, Barack Obama is an extremist set on destroying the foundations of America and creating a new Obama-style socialist nation that will declare open season to Muslim terrorists while silencing the Christian community and diminishing its importance in society. America is not immune to the lessons of history and should America continue down this path, she will fall like so many before her.

    The thing is, I agree with Scott Parks who on his blog, suggested “as much as I am opposed to all the spending, I’m not opposed to the government trying to stimulate the economy, but what they have done, what President Obama has signed into LAW is the wrong medicine for the illness this country is suffering from. Barack Obama, while a presidential candidate, said that any stimulus package he signed into law, would include “shovel-ready” projects. There undoubtedly are shovel ready projects in this stimulus package. But this stimulus package is so loaded down with the very pork that President Obama campaigned against that I can’t sit here and tell you I am convinced it will work. Sure, there will be an initial impact on the economy. How could you not pump that much money into the system without some impact? As you know, every dollar we borrow has to be paid back. And if it isn’t this debt puts us at the mercy of others….some who have no real interest in the longterm sustainability of this nation.”

    Parks also has suggested several times that he has issues with the mortage bailout. He is right on target. I mean come on, we’re going to spend, as a nation, $275 billion dollars to help people who knowingly or stupidly overextended themselves. People who bought homes they knew they really couldn’t afford. And then there is this nugget: the government will reward “underwater” homeowners $1,000 a year for up to five years if they pay their mortgage on time. What? What about people who pay their mortgage on time, and never missed a payment. Scott raised some excellent points.

    Here is the problem as I see it – people have gone into a panic. The government wants to help, mostly for their own beneift, and now look at what has happend. “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.” That statement is very profound it really is. At present, we have an administration that is using fear as a political weapon, This email may sound like the hysterical rantings of a paranoid conservative. I would suggest that it isn’t paranoia when the threat is real. We are living through another American revolution where our very way of life is under assault from no less than the White House. This great nation will not stand should Mr. Obama succeed in shattering the foundation that has held firm against communism, fascism and tyranny and terrorism. Friends, the hour of our destruction is upon us. It is time to stand against the radical Obama agenda as though our future depends on it–because it does.

    I am telling you, the democrats (and many republicans) are all curupt, and need to be out of office. Our government is out of control. I am NOT anti-government. In fact, I support my country, and what it stands for. I believe people take our freedoms for granted, there is no question in my mind about that. With that said, it seems to me like some of our freedoms, the very ones that this country was founded on – are going away.

    Cal Thomas, a conseritve talk show host and writer made a very good analogy.

    He states

    “In human relationships, there is the flirtation stage, followed by what my grandparents called ³courting² and, if that works out, marriage. For thosewho are co-habiting, that was once the order of things, before disorderly social conduct took over. In presidential politics, the analogy also works. We have passed the flirtation stage with Barack Obama and now it is time for a serious background check before too many of us follow our hearts instead of our heads and enter into a bad ³marriage.²”

    Given such truths as I refered to above, it is time to break up with our Obama infatuation.

    It has been said “The true test before Christians is to be faithful to God’s word and principles. We must be uncompromising when it comes to the sanctity of human life, the defense and protection of God’s ordained union of a man and a woman in marriage and the protection of little children at all costs from those who would do them harm. We must renew our commitment to live a pure life of faith in Jesus Christ in everything we do, every decision we make—and not be afraid, ashamed or hindered by political correctness to stand in the name of Jesus, and to acknowledge that one’s good name, character if you will, is more important than silver, gold, power or prestige.” (Bill Bunkley)

    • Bill I read your comments once again… and sadly since you wrote these, things have deteriorated. I honestly do not recognize this Country anymore. I grew up in an era where your word was your bond, where doors were never locked and where there was respect for elders. I am nearly 50, yet in these past 50 years I have seen a constant deterioration of our culture. Sadly I see no solution or slowing of the destruction of those uniquely American traditions and values. By 2012, Obama will have so dramatically changed this Country I am not sure much can be done. Part of me wonders if Obama knows he only has a year to fool the public and that is his primary motivator in rushing change. All I know is that I believe the United States will unravel in my lifetime. I foresee secessions from the Union (check out my latest blog) and see total elimination of Christianity in the public square and in our instituions. Bill I hate to be a downer, but I have been beating every drum I know how, and incomprehensibly I find that there is wide support for this insanity. I feel like an island within a nation because even I have been brainwashed to some extent. I sometimes feel maybe I am wrong about these momentous changes… I sometimes even think PC. Well… we’ve now added more to the worlds collective consciousness and in doing so I pray it will impact change in a new direction.

  4. I think you underestimate the genetic uniqueness of the American population. Almost all of us are or are descended from people who left home, family, friends and country to start a new life. That takes a special kind of temperament.

    • Chrissy, my opinion of Obama has nothing whatsoever with genetic uniqueness. Obama is bankrupting this Country, he is turning this Country into a secular godless Country… and don’t get me wrong, I am not a strongly religious person, but this Country was founded on Judeo Christian values. Further Obama is usurping power not given him in the Constitution… from Congress, and from the States. The Constitution gives the Federal Government very little power except to defend our citizens and to organize a legal and regulatory system that promotes life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Obama is destroying all of these rights afforded we citizens. But, even what I have suggested above is far too simplistic. This is a complicated matter, and Obama does not have the skills and experience to deal with issues of the scale the United States is facing. He never held a real job… and sadly he lied about his true perspectives on nearly all issues of significance to voters. He is a product of his environment and when I see Reverend Wright making a mockery of this Country that has done more to liberate the world than any Country ever existing on this planet, I shake my head. The United States has its faults, but if you remove the United States from world, the world would be a very ugly and horrible place to live. I would ask you to take just a second and think critically about what I have written. Ask yourself do you believe adding another 12trillion in debt is wise? Do you think adding another 47 million people to a healthcare system nearly stretched to its limits today is a good idea? Do you believe that each of us have rights given us by God to pursue our destiny without the Federales interfering in our efforts? Do you believe in “self-reliance” or “government servitude” Do you believe that the 12 million illegal immigrants that have come here should be given amnesty? And if you do, how can you justify thinking this when unemployment is approaching 10%, yet we have at least 12 million people soaking up services and jobs that native born Americans could partake. So you see, my comments on Obama have nothing whatsoever to do with diversity. I actually think MLK would be outraged. MLK profoundly said: “judge one by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin”… had Obama been a white guy, he would never have gotten elected. I saw this based on facts. Obama has no experience… he was a very junior state rep here in Illinois, and ran unopposed. He then became a Congressman for 142 days and the next thing you know he is President. Does this sound like a pedigree of accomplishments on a par with Kennedy or Eisenhower or Lincoln or Jefferson or Washington… I rest my case.

  5. Stock up on guns and ammo and food in case of civil unrest.
    More and more Americans are seeing the light, that Obama and his Democrat thugs are destroying this country to usher in their socialist agenda. The stimulus bill was nothing more than billions of dollars rewarded to the unions, ACORN and an assortment of leftists. It was never meant to stimulate the economy, only stimulate the Democrats POWER. Obama keeps saying the stimulus bill has worked. Sure, all his Democrat thugs got paid off. It worked for him! In the meantime we, the middle class, whom the democrats have falsely claimed to represent, can expect TAXES to go up on EVERYTHING thru Cap and CON, socialist “healthcare” and many other schemes to EXTORT money from your pockets. Democrats hate freedom because it threatens their power.
    I think civil unrest is coming. More and more true Americans are seeing what a bunch of thugs they’ve put into power and they’re getting angrier by the day. So stock up on guns and ammo, because you don’t know how crazy it will get. You may have to protect your house and loved ones from Obama thugs. You may also have to protect your Constitutional rights, because Obama will use civil unrest as an excuse to destroy our rights.

    Let’s hope things do not degenerate that direction.
    Most important of all, we need to nueter Obama at the polls in 2010. That means to vote every Democrat running for office OUT. This way Obama will no longer have UNCHECKED power.
    Many said America will be destroyed from within.
    “Within” is here.
    I saw a bumper sticker that was funny and sad at the same time.
    It had an American flag on it and the words, IN LOVING MEMORY OF AMERICA. July 4, 1776- Jan 20, 2009.

    • Beagle man… I have been saying what you are saying for about 6 months now. And I am not a big believer in “conspiracies” or “world order” or any of that other baloney. I have 2 Masters degree, one in Geology..l. which is relevant in that I think logicially, and I draw conclusions from events. Geology is an inexact science, it requires one to take disparate pieces of information and create a picture with a logical conclusion. Having said this, when I take all the dsparate pieces of information I hear, read, and experience, one can only conclude the United States will go bankrupt in less than 5 years. That has catastrophic implications. All the retirees who rely on T-bills are fucked. And drawing all this to its natural conclusion, I honestly see anarchy. What other conclusion could one draw? We are out of money!!! And unlike the days of the Great Depression, we have moved from largely an agrarian society to a metropolitan society relying on big cities to provide our source of life. During the Depression people knew how to survive and as Hank Williams Jr. says: “A country boy can survice, cause you caint starve us out and you caint make us run, cause we’re them ole boys raised on shotguns” Better stock my friends… just bought myself .38 special and I already had my 12 gauge. Cause, I happen to be one them ole boys raised on “shotguns”.

  6. I want to start a Class Action Law Suit against Barack Hussein Obama for putting me, my Children and my Grand Children $800,000,000,000.00 Billion Dollars in debt and destroying their future.

    Anyone out there want to join me in this Class Action Law Suit?

    Any Lawyer out there want to handle this Law Suit?

    The Patriot from Sarasota County, Florida…..August, 2009.
    ps: In the ‘short scale’, which is used predominantly by America, a billion is 1000 million: 1,000,000,000.

      • Tony if the economy staffs this weak, we conservatives have even odds of winning the Senate. The House is just stacked against us. Reid will be gone soon 2010 to be followed by Pelosi in 2012. My best guesses right now. Obama, wiil likel survive. I despised Clinton, but Clinton and his wife would have made much better executives. They were not pinhead elitists. Half the time Obama is giving lectures. Lets ask, do you enjoy lectures? Especially from someone so unskilled and lacking in historical precedent.

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