Day 89 of captivity to the Obama Socialists….

Today Wells Fargo announces record profits in the first quarter 2009. Well Fargo has always be a quality company and it is no surprise they would announce a profit well before other banks. But… did you know that Wells Fargo was forced to take TARP money or “bailout money”? Wells Fargo declined to take the money, but the Feds, ie Obama through Treasury forced Wells Fargo to take money. By taking money, Wells Fargo becomes subject to Federal rules regarding their operations. I am not making this up… a perfectly healthy company was required to take bailout money. By taking this money two things happen: 1.) The Treasury now has far greater oversight of the banks activities and 2.) the Treasury now owns stock in Wells Fargo.

Exactly why would Wells Fargo be forced to take money? I am not sure… but it smacks of another backdoor attempt at controlling our economy through bank oversight and ownership. What comes next? Nationalizing of the banking system? AIG is owned 80% by the Treasury…

While I would not profess to have expertise in economics or economic models, but when I see the Federal government increasingly owning businesses, I shudder. A careful examination of these transactions suggests to me, a goal of “owning the means of production” and the means of financing production… which my friends is SOCIALISM!!! Socialism is an economic model where the government controls the economy… and when did our government ever do anything correctly and efficiently?

My friends, another day of captivity to the socialist policies of Obama has passed un-noticed by the media. And while at the moment our captivity is at a macro-economic level, with each passing day, the encroachment of government is moving down the economic ladder. Someday, when your rung of the ladder has been invaded, you will recoil and protest the invasion of government, but regrettably it will be far far too late to change. And I fear we will all look back and say we knew this was happening, but we were too engaged in our personal “cones of silence”. Too bad… that was then this is now!!!!

Congress is filled with absolute JACK ASSES…

How dare Congress pretend to be outraged over AIG bonuses. They created the mess leading to the need for a bailout, they decided to bail out AIG and they didn’t even read the legislation giving AIG indemnity against clawback of the very bonuses they are now grandstanding about. Congress is a pathetic collection of the most incompetent, sanctimonious, petty jack asses ever assembled in a single room.

Congress should be embarrassed and ashamed of their juvenile and pathetic phony outrage.

These same simpleton’s in Congress chastising others, have amassed more debt in the past 90 days than has ever been recorded in world hsitory. Where do these people get off asking anyone questions about their finances or business transactions. Our current Congress has utterly no earthly idea what it is doing with the public’s trillions of tax dollars…

This chirade playing out in Washington is all political tripe… designed to obfuscate the real problem which is the unparalled ineptness of Congress and the President.

WE must impose term limits on Congress just as we do the President because Congress has now usurped from our sophomoric Teleprompter in Chief, i.e. Obama, the power of the Presidency. Obama has lost control as President; and were it not for his teleprompter, he would have nothing to say or do.

I often ponder how our citizens were so duped by Obama… after all he told all of us he was going to “change” everything and he was going change things in a dramatic leftist direction. Did our citizens not believe Obama. I did, and now my fears are playing out in living color.

And what I see in living color is that Obama has turned over the reigns of the Federal government to Congress’ most dillusional out-of-touch members i.e. Pathetic Pelosi and Retarded Reid.

So I pray Congress continues down its current path of kaos and anarchy… that will assure a clean sweep of the nit-wits currently running Congress in 2010, much as we experienced under Clinton in 1992.

WE all must do our fair share to maintain the pressure on Congress thereby ensuring irrational and “Sybil-like” actions and reactions by our Royal Morons. I have my 15 tea bags prepared to be mailed once a day from April 1st… DO YOU!!!